Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-10-18

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   l10n - Build an API that allows devs to localize js strings
   l10n - Have a plan for localizing html files 
   e10s - Build a prototype SDK that supports content processes on desktop
   e10s - Build a prototype SDK that can build add-ons that run in their own process 
   mobile - Build a prototype SDK that can build add-ons that use non-UI based features for Fennec
    • SDK Hack Day update


  • canuckistani
  • dcm
  • mossop
  • kwierso
  • warner
  • myk
  • gozala
  • ochameau
  • wbamberg
  • ejpbruel
  • dhorner
  • krizsa
  • zalewa
  • dbuc
  • arron
  • jorge


SDK 1.2

  • dcm: SDK 1.2 to be released today!
  • myk: saw references to, but current docs are at
  • want to make sure docs expect to be at correct URL
  • wbamberg: some references to one, some to the other
  • but docs correctly expect to be at


  • dbuc: repacker changes pushing to production on Wednesday
  • new SDK will be made available once it is released today
  • frontend and backend changes happening (new template system)
  • search template being redone
  • would like to meet this week to discuss docs and hosting examples
  • -> wbamberg to set up meeting


  • dcm: mobile team deciding to switch to native ui on android
  • this impacts timeline
  • adjusted Q4 goals for team
  • mobile goal at risk
  • other stuff we should be able to do by end of quarter
  • ejpbruel: does this mean e10s work is only relevant on desktop for now?
  • all: yes
  • ejpbruel: potential opportunity to do platform work on new native interface?
  • dcm: probably best discussed with mossop
  • myk: keep in mind that a future version of android will have better support for multi-process
  • and current android has support for multi-thread, which we could take advantage of
  • dbuc: android 4 announced soon, should have support for multi-process
  • canuckistani: hack day venue has changed
  • r2d2/c3po not available (mobile war room), we're going to do it in 10forward
  • single track instead of dual track
  • room booked, catering booked
  • canuckistani: how do developers test on mobile fennec?
  • ...
  • ochameau: update on mozcamp?
  • canuckistani: we're doing a talk
  • dcm: canuckistani got arky to give talk at kuala lumpur mozcamp
  • canuckistani: he'll also be in berlin and is localization coordinator for southeast asia region
  • ochameau: any plan to simplify xpis? would be useful for uploading xpis to localization service
  • warner: i think we should do it; i'll help
  • ochameau: any particular simplifications in mind?
  • warner: general idea is to have only one resource protocol mapping and break the directory whose name has several components (like the package name) into individual directories
  • ochameau: i have a patch that does some simplification
  • gozala: my "no runtime search" patch depends on it
  • ochameaeu: i'll keep in touch with daniel to make sure repacks continue to work
  • dcm: we decided to do repacks for all addons again for 1.2, as we did for 1.1
  • partly because we don't yet have way of distinguishing between Builder and local addons
  • will also allow people to digest our change to not do repacks for local addons
  • dcm: also myk says we might not need to repack for 1.3
  • myk: yes, 1.2 currently passes tests on aurora, central branches
  • which means compatibility with firefox 9, 10
  • 10 compatibility can change nightly, but 9 compatibility is less likely to change
  • and if we make it through aurora period, it probably won't change
  • dbuc: we have a flag in AMO to identify addons that shouldn't be updated
  • we could expose this better to developers and let them decide
  • gozala: what about the addon that checked that box and got repacked anyway?
  • dbuc: yes, the flag wasn't being respected but will be