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Welcome to the Jetpack Project! Jetpack's mission is to make it easy to create add-ons for Firefox using the languages of the web—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Right now the project is developing one product: the Add-on SDK. The Add-on Builder is now in read-only mode and will be turned off completely in April 2014. Please download your data before then. Learn more.

  • The Add-on SDK is a locally-hosted development environment that allows you to easily build add-ons for Firefox.
  • The Add-on Builder was an online development environment which allowed you to create and store your add-ons using only your browser.

You can access these products from the Add-on Developer Hub.

Developing Add-ons

If you'd like to learn more about developing add-ons with the Add-on SDK, please visit the Add-on Developer Hub. We've listed some extra resources for add-on developers below:

You can find help here:

If you find a problem, you can report a bug.

Participating in the Jetpack Project

Start Here

Want to get involved?

Weekly Meeting

We have a weekly project meeting on Tuesdays @ 10:00am Pacific Time. To join in:

Next meeting's agenda and archive of minutes.

Mailing list

Jetpack is using a Google group. You can see archives here, and participate with a google account.
Otherwise, you can subscribe to this mailing list without google account by sending a mail to mozilla-labs-jetpack+subscribe@googlegroups.com. Then you should be able to send messages to the list on mozilla-labs-jetpack@googlegroups.com.

Product Roadmap

More resources

Dormant Past Projects

Add-on Builder

The Add-on Builder (codenamed "Flightdeck") provided an online development environment for add-ons hosted in the browser. It is being phased out.