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2:00pm Pacific time


  •  ?


  • Planning for first public release (v0.1)

In Attendance

  1. Atul
  2. Jono
  3. Aza
  4. Maria
  5. Abi


  • Trust network for sharing. Bias towards blogging about it, rather than implementing it.


  • Organizing code into namespaces (Atul)
  • Links should open in new tab (Atul)
    • we should handle this, not the programmer
  • Fix help command documentation (Atul)
    • only lists 'google'
  • JSON encoder / decoder in cmd utils (Atul)
    • trivial


  • Documentation (Aza)
    • tutorial on wiki page
  • Email command gmonkey exception (Aza)
  • Visual artifacts remain in OS X (Aza)
    • workaround: move it lower temporarily
    • Atul and Aza figure this out later
  • Check calendar interferes with email (Aza)
    • remove nbsp's from commands (temporary fix)
  • Make final decisions on which old commands should be ported over (Aza)
  • Blog post and screen cast (Aza)
  • Anant to work on staging (Aza)


  • ENTER executes first suggestion (Jono)
    • already fixed, waiting to push
  • Context Menus (Jono)
  • Implicit 'this' (Jono)
  • Rename "editor" to "command-editor" (Jono)


  • Map preview (Maria)
    • polish preview (links should all do something)
    • place to put map in non-editable space
  • Fix edit-page command (Maria)
  • Change hotkey for Windows (Abi / Maria)
  • Fix empty preview showing when no command is visible (Maria)


  • Email command doesn't use the 'to' argument
    • minor, but should fix
  • Create a README for endusers
    • remind Mac OS X users that Growl is necessary (bug 19)

Future release

  • "Commands" will now be known as "Verbs"... or not... (Jono)
    • need to standardize terminology (verbs, nouns, etc)
  • Make it easier for community members to contribute (in Trac)
    • for later release, Atul
  • AddressNounType not recognized (Jono)
    • could have unforeseen consequences
  • Sorting algorithm for suggestions (Jono)
    • critical, but not for 0.1
  • Translate crashes with a lot of text
    • Fix... later
  • Use JS 1.7 features
    • Later
  • nsIAlertsService as fallback for messages
    • put "Growl needed" in README
  • Other stuff...

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