Labs/Ubiquity/Meetings/2009-07-29 Weekly Meeting

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  • Ubiquity 0.5.2
  • Command migration
  • Herd
  • Ubiquity Settings
  • Miscellanous


  1. brandon
  2. mitcho
  3. marsf
  4. cers
  5. satyr
  6. lech


  • Ubiquity 0.5.2
    • Jono will be championing this release
    • brandon thinks we should aim to release this by the end of next week
    • Included in 0.5.2, we'd like to see:
  • Command migration to Parser 2 format
    • 10 of 25 commands have been migrated!
    • What's the status on the ones that haven't been migrated yet? Have they been contacted, are they in the process of migrating, are they not responding, etc.
  • Ubiquity Settings
    • Moving settings into native preference pane?
    • mitcho thinks making Ubiquity more Firefoxy (vs. webby?) is a Good Thing, including moving the preferences out of something that looks and feels like a website.
    • Maybe there are other options, like XUL, but not in the Preferences?
    • This should be an ongoing discussion involving Aza, Atul, Jono et al.