Learning, Freedom and the Web

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The 2010 Drumbeat Festival (Learning, Freedom, and the Web) was fresh, awesome, and cross-disciplinary—in all the right ways.

How will we continue that work online? In part, at a new web hub @ http://learningfreedomandtheweb.org.

The book

Festival projects

OpenAttribute: the world's simplest attribution tool for Creative Commons content

Feedbacker: a barometer for measuring classroom attention and enagagement

Hackasaurus: tools for teaching web literacy

Minority Voices in the Cloud: tools to help marginalized communities be heard

StoneSoup Repository (aka OpenRaval): towards an Open Web and urban learning toolkit

Add your Drumbeat project.

How can I contribute to these projects?

Everyone can pitch in! Please visit the project wiki pages to learn what kind of help is needed.

Many projects have mailing lists or issue trackers you can follow. If you want to see where projects are at any given moment, check out the #drumbeat + #spark hashtag. Project collaborators are tweeting their progress!

How can I get involved?

There are a ton of ways to contribute. If you're into making things:

  • write a blog post
  • shoot some video
  • pitch in on one of the festival projects
  • help us write the book

Road Map for "Learning, Freedom and the Web" site

With LFW, we're releasing early and often. If you have web design skills, help improve the site! Current improvements needed:

Dec 6th priority features/fixes

  • jquery powered "how you can help right now!" #drumbeat #spark
  • better typography
  • better wrapper and spacing
  • sexier static pages
  • classier footer
  • accessibility/validated CSS
  • "Videolab" section for regular HTML5 video content
  • more dynamic Festival section
  • user submissions for "Read about festival"
  • better tagging/taxonomies for objects
  • localization/filters by language

To join the web team, add yourself to the Google group and introduce yourself.