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December 23, 2010

To: Harvey Anderson
Mozilla Corporation.
My cupcake illustration has been reproduced without permission and posted for use by a contributor named “TaeHyun”.. The illustration is of my own original
work, I am the original illustrator of the work and I own the copyrights for the design. is my site featuring all of my art – the cupcake is available through a
variety of online outlets, however the following instance is not a permitted use.
My own version of this cupcake is available through and was first
published on March 30th, 2006 as show here:
I am the notifier and the Intellectual Property owner/holder
Jennifer Goode • [address removed]  • [phone number removed]
-- Please DO NOT provide this mailing address to the infringing party. I will provide a
different address if you require the information to share.
I, Jennifer Goode, the original illustrator and copyright holder of the cupcake illustration,
have a good-faith belief that use of said material is not authorized by myself, the rights
owner, its agent or the law.
Under penalty of perjury the information in this notice is accurate and, I am authorized
to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright or other right that is allegedly infringed.
Screenshot of infringement included in this document.
Additional information will be provided upon request.
Thank you,
Jennifer Goode