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DMCA Infringement Notification

Section I: Contact Information
Full Name: Gregory Adams
Address: 6205 Farrington Road, O14, Chapel Hill NC, 27517
Daytime Phone: (919)-294-9170
Email Address:

Section II: Original (infringed) Material

The image in question is one that Jenny Romanchuk had posted in her DeviantArt portfolio, on December 27, 2004.

Section III: Alleged Infringing Material
The firefox theme, located here: makes unauthorized use of Jenny Romanchuk’s artwork.

Section IV: Statement of Infringement
Jenny Romanchuk has never authorized any other party or parties to make use of this image. Your member did not solicit her permission to use her artwork. If the member HAD requested such permission, that request would have been denied. No one other than Jenny Romanchuk is permitted to make use of her artwork.

Section V: Certificate
I, Gregory Adams, under penalty of perjury, certify that I am the authorized representative of the owner of the copyrighted material identified under Section II of this document and, to the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided above is accurate.