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DCMA Notice

Harvey Anderson
Mozilla Corporation
650 Castro Street, Suite 300
Mountain View, CA 94041

DCMA Notice :

I, Lauren Bavin am the original artist and copyright holder of the following products
Beyond Twilight Value Collection and Still Waters Page Kit .

These products have been used without permission in Firefox Personas located
by User Lala2010

I believe in good faith that the use of this material infringes my copyright is not authorized by law, that all of the information contained in myDMCA Notice is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that you am the owner of the exclusive copyright right that is being infringed.

My contact details are

Lauren Bavin
[street address removed]
Auckland 0626
New Zealand
Ph [phone number removed]
email :

Lauren Bavin
Head Designer
Digital Scrapbook Place Inc.