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NOTE: Litmus is no longer being maintained. It was replaced by MozTrap

Litmus is the new integrated testcase management and QA tool that is designed to improve workflow, visibility, and turnaround time in the Mozilla QA process.

It was originally designed as a replacement for Testrunner, but also has additional functionality.

Work in Progress

Goals for Litmus

Litmus does:

  • make it easier for casual testers to assist with testing Mozilla products;
  • serve as a repository for test cases, with all the inherent management abilities that implies;
  • serve as a repository for test results, carrying over the best features of Testrunner, e.g. test lists, division of labor, etc.;
  • provide a query interface for viewing, reporting on, and comparing test results;
  • expose a web services interface for the mechanical batch submission of testing results.

Litmus does not:

  • manage the automation of testing requests as a centralized test scheduler or daemon. The majority of testing we do, and all of the community testing that we know of, is still done by hand. This doesn't preclude such functionality in the future, but we need to figure out the intricacies of how to automate a larger proportion of our daily testing before it makes sense to spend too much time on scheduling those automated tests. Existing automation frameworks will be able to submit results via web services.

Litmus Documentation and Notes

Designing and Planning


Interested in helping with Litmus? Start here.


Litmus is released under the MPL.

Using Litmus


Further Reading