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MSISDN Test Plan


Test plan for the Mozilla MSISDN Verification API. MSISDN is a number uniquely identifying a subscription in a GSM or a UMTS mobile network. Simply put, it is the telephone number to the SIM card in a mobile/cellular phone. This abbreviation has several interpretations, the most common one being "Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network-Number". See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MSISDN

The webAPI still needs to be documented. A brief explanation of the verification methods https://github.com/mozilla-services/msisdn-gateway/blob/master/API.md

The lead developer is Fernando Jiménez Moreno [:ferjm].

Test Strategy

Schedule Scoping


MozTrap Test Cases added

echo 'user_pref("services.mobileid.server.uri", "http://msisdn.dev.mozaws.net/");' >> prefs.js ) (until bug 1021595 is fixed, you should use https://msisdn-dev.stage.mozaws.net/ )

  • MobileID test app
    • Go to MobileID test app
    • Tap on "Get Assertion"
    • Choose the mobile provider and tap on "Share"
    • Result should be "Verified phone number" and the phone number which you used.
  • MobileID2 test app
    • Go to MobileID2 test app
    • Tap on "Get Assertion"
    • Choose the mobile provider and tap on "Share"
    • Result should be that you get to the Verified page
    • After tapping the Verified button, you should get the "Get Assertion" page again, but with a Clear button and under it, the mobile phone number that was used
    • Close the app and reopen it, the "Get Assertion" should be there, again with above it, the text "Test aleady verified internal SIM"
    • Tap on the "Get Assertion" button, directly, the Clear button and the used phone number should appear under the "Get Assertion" page
  • MobileID3 test app
    • Go to MobileID3 test app, page appears with "The 3rd Mobile ID Tester" with "Test external SIM"
    • Tap on "Add your phone number"
    • Now type a phone number from another mobile phone that you have access to, the tap on the "Share" button
    • Now you get a page with "We sent your verification code to xxxxxxxxxxx. Check your SMS and type it in the box below to verify it". Follow that line of text and tap on the Verify button
    • Now you should get the Verified page, tap on the "Verified" button.
    • Tap on the "Clear" button to make the phone number go away again.

What will not be tested