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Lsblakk report March 2012

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Reporter User:Lsblakk
Date March 2012
Recruits 1
Past Items Mostly I've been bringing on new Reps, working out a system for being a mentor. Not any specific events organization, but generally participating in discussions about setting up a Mozilla Code of Conduct as well as still trying to plan women-at-mozilla events and set up a budget/system for said events.

Have been attending Python Study Group (part of Women Who Code) and met a young woman who is a new release engineer, have offered to show her how Mozilla does things and help her get familiar with open source software releases.

Have been working with a Release Engineering contributor, Erik Wong, who is trying to set up to help us with some bugs.

Next Items PyStar curriculum hack night, planning a 'Real World Mozilla' event series.

See http://lukasblakk.com/pycon-2012-and-a-second-wind-for-pystar/ and http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Real_World_Mozilla