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Firefox 70 WebRTC/WebAudio Release Notes:

Full listing of all WebRTC & WebAudio bugs marked as Fixed in Firefox 70:

WebRTC and WebAudio bugs: Bugzilla search for WebRTC and WebAudio related bugs marked Fixed in Firefox 70

Audio/Video: GMP:

bug 1370165 20:18:13 ERROR - shutil error: Destination path '/builds/slave/test/build/application/' already exists

bug 1566523 [10.15][Mac] Remove xattr from CDM dylib after downloading

bug 1573902 PChromiumCDM::Init's return value should be named to reflect that it is used

bug 1574515 Perma gtest | timed out after 300 seconds without output

Audio/Video: MediaStreamGraph:

bug 1493613 Make MediaStreamTrack the controller of MediaStreamGraph units

bug 1570684 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::MediaStreamTrack::Graph]

bug 1573102 Remove MediaStreamGraph strong-refs

bug 1574965 Control MediaStreamGraph shutdown from the main thread

bug 1577495 Use only one SharedDummyStream per HTMLMediaElement

bug 1577734 Crash in [@ mozilla::dom::HTMLMediaElement::MediaStreamRenderer::UpdateGraphTime]

Audio/Video: Recording:

bug 1014393 [MediaRecorder] Handle non monotonically increasing timestamp in WebM muxer.

bug 1499572 MediaRecorder.requestData not working correctly when timeslice is omitted

bug 1563520 Followup to finish clarifying EbmlComposer

bug 1569645 Assertion failure: false (No video encoder for this video track), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/media/encoder/MediaEncoder.cpp:568

bug 1573524 Assertion failure: !Ended(), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/media/MediaStreamTrack.cpp:376

Audio/Video: cubeb:

bug 1530715 Implement CoreAudio backend for Cubeb in Rust

bug 1539225 media.cubeb.backend does not work with cubeb remote

bug 1566369 Lower the audio thread pool thread count to 1 on Linux

bug 1567457 Update cubeb-pulse-rs to version 3a748a2

bug 1567480 Update libcubeb to 0b5b52d

bug 1568182 Pick audio latencies depending on the use case on OSX

bug 1569090 Update audioipc to 177ebd96

bug 1569460 Firefox 70.0a1 (2019-07-27) core::result::unwrap_failed - panic in CubebDeviceCollectionManager ::internal_register

bug 1570446 Update cubeb-coreaudio-rs to version ee0f981

bug 1570948 Bump audio_thread_priority to 0.17

bug 1574644 Update cubeb-coreaudio-rs to version 71faddb

bug 1574914 Bump audio_thread_priority to 0.18

bug 1576168 Update audio_thread_priority to 0.19.1

Web Audio:

bug 1324545 Implement AudioContext getOutputTimestamp()

bug 1324552 Implement BaseAudioContext baseLatency and outputLatency attributes

bug 1350973 Implement new attributes MediaStreamAudioSourceNode and MediaElementAudioSourceNode

bug 1456263 ChannelMergerNode constructor should throw errors

bug 1542931 Construct AudioWorkletProcessor for each AudioWorkletNode

bug 1558123 call AudioWorkletProcessor.process()

bug 1564422 Change `outputLatency` and `getOutputTimestamp` when `resistFingerPrinting` is enabled

bug 1564464 Adjust `audionode-connect-method-chaining.html` to only requires what is mandated by the spec

bug 1568835 Permafail TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /webaudio/the-audio-api/the-audioworklet-interface/audioworklet-addmodule-resolution.https.html | when Gecko 70 merges to Beta on 2019-08-26

bug 1568868 Permafail TEST-UNEXPECTED-OK | /webaudio/the-audio-api/the-mediaelementaudiosourcenode-interface/cors-check.https.html | expected ERROR when Gecko 70 merges to Beta on 2019-08-26

bug 1570015 Fix `test_waveShaperGain.html` by waiting for the DOM to be ready

bug 1576909 Perma wpt TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /webaudio/the-audio-api/the-audioworklet-interface/audioworklet-addmodule-resolution.https.html when Gecko 70 merges to Beta on 2019-08-26


bug 1550691 High frequency intermittent Tier 2 TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | /webrtc/RTCDataChannel-bufferedAmount.html | Data channel bufferedamountlow event fires after send() is complete - Test timed out

bug 1551316 Add pc.restartIce() method.

bug 1560207 SUMMARY: AddressSanitizer: SEGV /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/obj-firefox/dist/include/mozilla/Maybe.h:525:3 in emplace<const long &>

bug 1561923 Remove expired WebRTC telemetry

bug 1562341 Regression causing WebRTC data channel establishment to fail

bug 1568101 Implement 'CreateEncoder' in MediaDataDecoderCodec

bug 1570158 Add proxy information to candidates table in about:webrtc

bug 1571027 about:webrtc no longer displays RTP stats

bug 1571586 The compressed size of encoded video from AppleVTEncoder is not as expected

bug 1574512 Crash in nr_ice_get_default_local_address

bug 1575876 Unbreak build on FreeBSD after libc++ changes

WebRTC: Audio/Video:

bug 1480088 WebRTC: Overflow in FEC Processing (project zero)

bug 1560907 MediaStreamTrack::GetConstraints() returns {mediaSource: "camera"} for all tracks where it should be empty

bug 1560979 MediaStreamTrack-MediaElement-disabled-video-is-black.https.html fails

bug 1561254 Support groupId in constraints

bug 1561319 WPT mediacapture-streams/GUM-invalid-facing-mode.https.html fails

bug 1561569 WPT GUM-impossible-constraint.https.html fails

bug 1565317 Crash in [@ mozilla::ReduceConstraint]

bug 1570594 Perma /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/html/HTMLMediaElement.cpp:2427:26: error: unused variable 't' [-Werror=unused-variable] when Gecko 70 merges to Beta on 2019-08-26

bug 1570673 No black video sent out if track is muted before MediaPipeline is activated

bug 1571667 MediaStreamTrack-applyConstraints WPT failing test "applyConstraints rejects invalid groupID"

bug 1573536 AddressSanitizer: SEGV /src/obj-firefox/dist/include/mozilla/RefPtr.h:91:27 near [@ mozilla::SourceListener::InitializeAsync]

WebRTC: Networking:

bug 1506219 Update to latest draft-ietf-rtcweb-ip-handling

bug 1554976 Generate mDNS ICE candidates in webrtc signaling

bug 1555792 Enable webrtc use of socket process on nightly by default

bug 1558886 OSX Mojave (10.14) - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | WebRtcIceConnectTest.TestNetworkOnlineTriggersConsent | Value of: res

bug 1558887 OSX Mojave (10.14) - WebRtcIceConnectTest.TestConsentDelayed | Expected equality of these values:

bug 1560636 IPC messages from socket process happen on main

bug 1567892 Proxy check should run on the parent process

bug 1571987 Make sure proxy checks work with the socket process

WebRTC: Signaling:

bug 1520550 Remove TCP/TLS/RTP/SAVPF from SDP parsing in Fx 72 or later

bug 1526039 about:webrtc is missing protocol in candidates table

bug 1551854 No remote audio WebRTC after sip 200 OK SDP

bug 1564647 rsdparsa fails to build with rust 1.37

bug 1566701 Update Rust SDP Parser to version with FQDN Support

bug 1567951 Add implicit rollback to setRemoteDescription(offer) per spec.

bug 1568530 Triage new failures in RTCPeerConnection-iceConnectionState.https.html, RTCPeerConnection-onicecandidateerror.html, and protocol/candidate-exchange.https.html

bug 1568639 Check whether we can re-enable test_peerConnection_replaceTrack.html on fission

Intermittent Test failures:

bug 1411152 Intermittent dom/media/test/test_mediarecorder_record_timeslice.html | Mime type in ondataavailable = - got "", expected "audio/ogg"

bug 1513464 Intermittent dom/media/tests/mochitest/test_peerConnection_restartIceNoBundle.html | iceconnectionstate event 'failed' matches expected state 'checking' - got "failed", expected "checking"

bug 1517022 Intermittent dom/media/test/test_mediarecorder_record_gum_video_timeslice_mixed.html | Test timed out.

bug 1557553 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | /webrtc/RTCPeerConnection-iceConnectionState.https.html | ICE can connect in a recvonly usecase - Test timed out

bug 1559512 Intermittent dom/media/tests/mochitest/test_peerConnection_basicVideoVerifyRtpHeaderExtensions.html | number of sdp ids match received ids ["3","4","5"] == ["5","4"]

bug 1563697 Intermittent dom/media/tests/crashtests/1429507_1.html | assertion count 1 is more than expected 0 assertions

bug 1565800 Intermittent Android org.mozilla.geckoview.test.MediaElementTest.mp4PauseMedia | application crashed [@ abort]

bug 1571165 Intermittent mda - wpt | application crashed [@ mozilla::AudioCallbackDriver::Revive()]

Web Platform Tests:

bug 1534826 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 15741 - [ImageCapture] Add pan/tilt constraint and wire in Linux/CrOS.

bug 1555480 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 17082 - Reland tests from "Change ICE connection state on transceiver changes"

bug 1559261 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 17327 - Have containValues check array lengths

bug 1559300 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 17338 - Update interfaces/webrtc.idl

bug 1564410 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 17719 - Web Audio: SharedArrayBuffer and COOP/COEP

bug 1564662 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 17430 - Correct mediacapture-streams idlharness interface types

bug 1564754 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 17643 - Re-enable RTCRtpSender-getStats.https.html tests.

bug 1564774 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 17660 - Implement DOMPoint.fromPoint

bug 1565300 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 17642 - Implement RTCPeerConnection.onicecandidateerror and add web-platform-test

bug 1565718 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 17383 - Make ChannelMerger active processing test less flaky

bug 1566498 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 17855 - Active Processing for ConvolverNode

bug 1567547 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 17939 - Implement RTCPeerConnection.restartIce() according to spec.

bug 1567694 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 17959 - Unbreak RTCPeerConnection-getStats

bug 1569685 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 18155 - Do not throw errors in copyFromChannel/copyToChannel

bug 1571193 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 18270 - Replace deprecated API usage in wpt RTCPeerConnection-onicecandidateerror.html

bug 1571534 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 18282 - Update current_frame

bug 1575829 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 18611 - Add WPT test for responder iceConnectionState