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Firefox 71 WebRTC/WebAudio Release Notes:

Full listing of all WebRTC & WebAudio bugs marked as Fixed in Firefox 71:

WebRTC and WebAudio bugs: Bugzilla search for WebRTC and WebAudio related bugs marked Fixed in Firefox 71

Audio/Video: GMP:

bug 1572846 Rework Clearkey to use more flexible underlying crypto library

bug 1577885 Stop using `using namespace std` at global scope in GMP

bug 1579506 Remove OpenAES source code

bug 1583861 Files should use GMP_LOG macro from GMPLog.h rather than spinning their own

Audio/Video: MediaStreamGraph:

bug 1454998 Remove the notion of streams from the MediaStreamGraph

bug 1574284 Crash in macOS AudioIPC when unplugging mic during a WebRTC call [@ cubeb_backend::capi::capi_stream_get_current_device]

bug 1577534 Perma tier2 LeakSanitizer | leak at NewSegment, CreateSegment, mozilla::ipc::Shmem::Alloc, mozilla::ipc::IToplevelProtocol::CreateSharedMemory

bug 1586387 Crash in [@ mozilla::MediaTrackGraphImpl::AppendMessage]

Audio/Video: Recording:

bug 1512175 MediaRecorder.mimeType returns empty string

bug 1514158 Implement MediaRecorder's audioBitsPerSecond and videoBitsPerSecond attributes

bug 1575026 MediaEngineWebRTC.cpp fires assert MOZ_ASSERT(!preferredDeviceFound); when invoking getUserMedia

bug 1575271 AddressSanitizer: SEGV /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/media/encoder/MediaEncoder.cpp:449:5 in mozilla::MediaEncoder::RunOnGraph(already_AddRefed<mozilla::Runnable>)

bug 1582407 MediaRecorder-pause-resume.html fails

bug 1582408 MediaRecorder's WPT idlharness.window.js is not spec compliant

bug 1589029 Simplify ShutdownBlocker handling in MediaRecorder

Audio/Video: cubeb:

bug 1575131 Update libcubeb to pick up PR 530 (IAudioClient3 support on Windows 10)

bug 1575638 Perform hard-right panning on macbooks in Gecko and not in cubeb

bug 1575883 Implement a way to bail out safely from a real-time audio thread on Linux

bug 1581000 Turn on Rust version of Cubeb AudioUnit by default in Nightly

bug 1582222 Increasing YouTube player speed causes tab crashes without any debug trace

bug 1583105 Crash in [@ `anonymous namespace'::wasapi_stream_render_loop]

bug 1583996 Main thread hang in audioipc_server_new_client when opening new window

bug 1584522 Change the audio callback trace logger to be more ergonomic

bug 1588669 Allow ALSA/SNDIO lazy bindings

Web Audio:

bug 1499597 Unable to set negative value for Q of BiquadFilterNode when type is "lowpass" or "highpass"

bug 1576656 Align the ConvolverNode ctor and some setters to spec

bug 1577184 AddressSanitizer: SEGV /src/obj-firefox/dist/include/mozilla/MozPromise.h:454:24 in mozilla::MozPromise<bool, nsresult, false>::ThenValueBase::Dispatch(mozilla::MozPromise<bool, nsresult, false>*)

bug 1577932 Stop using `using namespace std` at global scope in dom/media/webaudio

bug 1583496 Perma /webaudio/the-audio-api/*| Executing * - context.audioWorklet is undefined when Gecko 71 merges to Beta on 2019-10-14

bug 1583512 Remove remaining references to doppler shift from AudioBufferSourceNode

bug 1585671 Start testing the Processing Model section of the spec in WPT

bug 1585946 Perma webaudio/the-audio-api/the-audioworklet-interface/audioworkletnode-construction.https.html | X Creating a node before loading a module should throw. threw "ReferenceError" instead of InvalidStateError. when Gecko 71 merges to Beta on 2019-10-14


bug 1517369 Fatal error in src/media/webrtc/trunk/webrtc/video/, line 797 # last system error: 1

bug 1565738 OSX Mojave (10.14) - browser/base/content/test/webrtc/browser.ini | Multiple failures from manifest file on macosx1014

bug 1571015 Add telemetry for WebRTC usage

bug 1579076 Remove or renew expired WebRTC telemetry

bug 1579388 Perma dom/media/tests/mochitest/test_enumerateDevices.html | undefined assertion name - got 2, expected +0 - when Gecko 71 merges to Beta on 2019-10-14

bug 1579834 [Webrtc] Add mips64el build support

bug 1581577 Hostname obfuscation ICE duration telemetry is being reported in milliseconds, not seconds

bug 1586271 Make WEBRTC_CALL_DURATION telemetry opt-out on release channel

bug 1586423 / Google Hangouts doesn't work in Nightly ("Couldn't start the video call because of an error")

bug 1587164 undefined shift in media/webrtc/trunk/webrtc/rtc_base/

bug 1588346 Remove WebRTC SDK dir

WebRTC: Audio/Video:

bug 1397528 Assertion failure: rv, at /home/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/media/MediaManager.cpp:2716

bug 1508567 firefox cannot limit framerate in getusermedia with screen

bug 1509316 MediaCodec decoder not usable on Android somehow.

bug 1548087 Feature policy should limit what info enumerateDevices() reveals in iframes.

bug 1559011 Capturing some windows via getDisplayMedia doesn't work properly on Windows

bug 1568169 Unrelease MediaStream after failed getUserMedia request

bug 1572281 Doesn't switch the mic automatically when unplugging the mic

bug 1576771 Replacing video track in Hubs fails to send data to SFU

bug 1576836 Permafailing MediaStream-removetrack.https.html | Test named 'Test that removal from a MediaStream fires ended on media elements (video first)' specified 2 'cleanup' functions, and 1 returned a non-thenable value.

bug 1579526 Wrong screen sharing preview (regression)

bug 1580524 Free conduits when transceiver is stopped

bug 1581193 devicechange event stopped working when unplugging/replugging device

bug 1581806 devicechange event is triggered for any device in windows

bug 1581898 Firefox 69: Tab crash when establishing a WebRTC call (CrashChannel::OpenContentStream)

bug 1581902 Enable WebRTC H.264 support when hardware codec is available.

bug 1583967 addition of unsigned offset overflowed in media/webrtc/trunk/webrtc/common_audio/signal_processing/downsample_fast.c:45

bug 1584560 Wrong input channel count on gUM without settings

bug 1587159 undefined shift in media/webrtc/trunk/webrtc/modules/audio_coding/codecs/g722/g722_encode.c:78

bug 1587248 AddressSanitizer: SEGV /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/dom/html/HTMLMediaElement.cpp:448:9 in mozilla::dom::HTMLMediaElement::MediaStreamRenderer::Start()

bug 1587543 Bump openh264 fallback downloader to version

bug 1588640 [macOS 10.15] Screen sharing shouldn't require "Camera" OSX permission. Should instead raise & gate on OS "ScreenRecording" permission consistently.

WebRTC: Networking:

bug 1567201 Support mDNS queries in mdns_service

bug 1569250 Add telemetry for mDNS use in WebRTC

bug 1570669 Peer reflex candidate shows up as (redacted) even if camera/microphone permission granted

bug 1581023 Update DataChannel log macros

bug 1582320 Color code ICE state on about:webrtc

bug 1582646 Crash in [@ mozilla::net::WebrtcTCPSocket::InvokeOnConnected]

bug 1583046 Crash in [@ mozilla::net::WebrtcTCPSocket::OpenWithoutHttpProxy]

bug 1583317 Add a pref to disable DTLS 1.0

bug 1584362 Crash in [@ mozilla::net::WebrtcTCPSocket::OnInputStreamReady]

bug 1584695 Place the DataChannelConnection connection state behind an acessor

bug 1584751 Only try to open DataChannelConnections that aren't already open

WebRTC: Signaling:

bug 1560370 Move from using a vendored copy of webrtc-sdp in tree to using it as an external dependency

bug 1573210 Need to disable RTCPeerConnection-onicecandidateerror.https.html

bug 1576893 webrtc/RTCPeerConnection-iceConnectionState.https.html has an invalid test

bug 1580853 New failure in RTCDataChannel-send-blob-order.html

bug 1581964 left shift of 1 by 31 places cannot be represented in type 'int' in media/webrtc/signaling/src/sdp/sipcc/sdp_attr.c:1483:33

bug 1582190 Crash in [@ mozilla::PeerConnectionImpl::GetDatachannelParameters]

bug 1585009 Support playout-delay RTP header extension

Intermittent Test failures:

bug 1564902 Intermittent PROCESS-CRASH | Main app process exited normally | application crashed [@ abort] | Fatal error in src/media/webrtc/trunk/webrtc/modules/pacing/

bug 1577537 Intermittent dom/media/test/crashtests/1411322.html | application crashed [@ mozilla::(anonymous namespace)::MediaStreamGraphStableStateRunnable::Run()]

bug 1586328 Intermittent dom/media/test/test_mediarecorder_record_getdata_afterstart.html | should have had start event first

bug 1586593 Intermittent <webrtc/test-name> | application crashed [@ mozilla::DataChannel::SetReadyState(unsigned short)]

bug 1586903 Intermittent SUMMARY: AddressSanitizer: SEGV /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/obj-firefox/dist/include/mozilla/Assertions.h:332:3 in MOZ_Crash (crashes under MediaRecorder::Session::DoSessionEndTask)

Web Platform Tests:

bug 1577769 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 18770 - WebRTC: Add a test related to

bug 1581392 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 19064 - Run more of some webaudio tests inside the test harness.

bug 1585444 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 19454 - Fix iceConnectionState test to accept "completed" state