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Tests gtests

Running the gtests can be done with mach via: mach webrtc-gtest .

SDP Related Tests


There are several types of tests that exercise the SDP code which live in the Firefox tree. They are listed in a sensible order that a developer could test and resolve issues in.

  • There are gtest based unit tests which run the SDP parsers against a number of known SDPs. These can be run using mach gtest '*Sdp*'.
  • The JSEP gtests also exercise the parsers and can be run with mach gtest '*Jsep*'.
  • The RTCPeerConnection and RTCDataChannel mochitests which can be run with mach mochitest test_peerConnection test_dataChannel.
  • There are Web Platform Tests suites for WebRTC which are run with mach wpt webrtc


All of the above listed tests will exercise WEBRTC-SDP, there are also tests that can be run from within the project using cargo test. The project's TravisCI runs the parser against a number of example SDPs. One can look at the .travis.yml file to see which ones are currently expected to pass.

What should I run before commit changes?

  • SIPCC: It is necessary that all the tests in the Firefox Tree listed above are passing.
  • WEBRTC-SDP: If one is making a change to then it is also necessary that all of its tests pass, but it is not necessary that all of the Firefox tests pass immediately. Any breaking Firefox tests must be resolved before the new version of WEBRTC-SDP can be vendored into the Firefox Tree.