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Fennec M6 Notes

The scope for M6 is described in the Fennec requirements. Note that we did not hit all the items listed for M6, but 2 outstanding tasks are in the review process and close to landing. Items not marked complete are pushed to the next milestone.

M6 has a mix of browser UI and device integration additions.

  • Initial "tab" support has landed. CTRL+T will add a new tab and a tab list has been added to the browser chrome. Use the application menu key (or F4) to activiate or use "slide" the tab list into view.
  • The top URL bar has been temporarily fixed at the top of the screen because of some usability issues. This will be changed to the correct UX design in M7.
  • Support for mailto: and tel: has been added. Fennec will use the support built into the N8x0 device.
  • Experimental "linkify" code has been add to convert text that appears to be phone numbers to tel: links.
  • Some stability fixes.

Note: M6 supports the Maemo chinook & diablo distributions.

Tips on installing