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Pain Points


  • slow startup (16s with or 35+s without fast start) blocking alpha 4
    • Ts talos running by the end of the week
    • How to test fast start daemon perf
  • panning is too slow
    • not blocking alpha 4
  • awesome bar takes too long to come up blocking alpha 4 also a maemo blocker
    • we have race conditions involving selection that we consistently loose (bug 526257)
    • First UI showing
    • selection and test switching
    • sqlite issues
    • results populating
  • zoom is super slow need to investigate


  • hard to click on links
  • no spatial navigation (as a winmo user, I'm used to having this)
  • after selecting an item in the awesome bar (or typing a new url) the previous page's title is shown
  • closing and reopening the browser show's the last page you were on for sever seconds before reloading the first run page blocking a4
  • notification bar cut off in portrait mode should be fixed
  • First run page looks crappy (zoomed out due to being in portrait)
  • lots of little front end polish issues

Platform Issues

  • Trailing while panning (bug 527511) block a4
  • not the default browser (bug 490189) block a4
  • task bar pops in when changing orientation block a4
  • compact querty soft kb unusable
  • can't switch keyboards (no SIP button) block final
  • no flash support, need to sort out the activeX side of things
  • no html5 video support not blocking final
  • new 7zip installer (bug 502933) block a4 - landed