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  • Opera partnered with Poland's top social network and added features to its cloud-based ad platform for Opera Mini
  • Dolphin HD released v5.1
  • A new version of the Android Market was released
  • Baidu partnered with NTT DoCoMo to build mobile content for Chinese users
  • The tablet market sold less than expected in Q1, but still on a growing path

Opera partnered with NK, the top social network in Poland, to do a promotional campaign which integrates an Opera Mini emulator on the social network which can be controlled by users so they can see how browsing with Opera Mini would look like. The main value proposition of the campaign is the reduction in data costs for Opera Mini users due to the browser's powerful compression technology. Read More

Opera announced new features for its Open Mobile Ad Exchange platform. The new features are a real-time bidding system and fine-grain analytics. The Open Mobile Ad Exchange is a cloud-based advertising platform for Opera Mini's over 100 million users which enables publishers to embed advertisements in their mobile content and applications and have promotions appear as regular website advertising, not in the browser interface. Read More

Google released a new version of the Android Market for phones with Android 2.2 or higher, which will be rolling out to devices in the coming weeks. Besides an overall redesign of the UX, Google also integrated the ability to rent movies and buy books for US customers. Other noteworthy changes are the new top app charts, which are now country-specific, as well as a Editor's Choice selection, a top developers recognition system and a trending apps section. Read More

Dolphin HD released v5.1 which contains crash and bug fixes. Read More

Japan's leading mobile carrier, NTT DoCoMo, and Baidu, China's largest search engine, have agreed to team up to distribute mobile content to Chinese users by forming a joint venture. The two companies plan to develop and operate a site with search functions and will call on Japanese companies to supply content such as games, animation and comics for subscribers of Chinese mobile phone carriers, including China Mobile, China's biggest mobile operator. Read More

The tablet market did not experience a growth as high as previously expected in Q1 2011 due mainly to low consumer demand, a report from IDC reveals. They were not the only ones with problems, also the eReader segment experienced shipments at a lower than expected level. Despite this setback, it is predicted that tablets will continue their strong growth and reach a 53.5 million units shipment forecast in 2011. Read More

Amazon is confirmed to be releasing an Android tablet, which could launch this October, in order to support the Amazon App Store, released a few months ago. It is expected that Amazon's entrance in the Android tablet market to be challenging Google's control over the platform, but it is yet unknown how much impact if will have. Read More