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  • Mondays - 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern, 17:00 UTC
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x91 Conf# 314 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 314 (US)
  • #mobile for backchannel


Fennec Status

  • M8 is out the door
  • M9 freeze October 7

UX design

  • working through the desktop-integration designs here: Mobile/UI/Designs/TouchScreen/workingUI/desktop_integration
  • putting find-in-page mockups together - should be out mid-week
  • two blog posts coming up: one on current (M8) state of the UI and the other on the desktop-integration issues
  • general work on UIwanted and UI polish bugs
  • if you open a bug that needs some UI/UX attention, use the "uiwanted" keyword -- I'm watching for those


The tools panel is largely themed, and the Preference and Shortcut panes are checked in. Please file bugs on any improvements you can think of. One big thing that's missing right now is a way to scroll them; most devices don't have a scroll wheel, which is currently the only thing that works.


Windows Mobile

  • Working to enable full xulrunner builds (rather than minimal embedding profile)
  • Also debugging minimal build with JPG/PNG writing and Crypto enabled.
  • bug 436531 asmXPTC_InvokeByIndex returning bogus value (FIXED)
  • bug 444485 Make WinMobile Build work with Visual Studio 2008 (VS9) (FIXED)
  • bug 444486 Crash in nsFrame.cpp if BoxMetrics() returns NULL (REVISIT)
  • bug 444487 Extensions should not be included in WinCE build (WONTFIX)
  • bug 444488 WM_ACTIVATEAPP / WM_MOUSEACTIVATE missing from WinCE (FIXED)
  • bug 444489 UpdateLayeredWindow bad prototype in nsWindow.cpp (FIXED)
  • bug 444492 Cairo _get_system_quality() function stubbed out in WinCE (FIXED)
  • bug 444494 GlobalWindow Activation Events Sometimes Missed in WinCE (waiting working XULRunner) (REVISIT)
  • bug 444495 getenv / putenv compiled out in WinCE NSPRPUB (REVISIT)
  • bug 454116 Potential Memory Allocation Failures in WinMobile (FIXED)
  • bug 454117 WinMobile / WinCE has no Access Control Levels (ACL) (FIXED)
  • bug 454119 WinMobile Compile Problems with mozilla-central (PATCHES SPLIT UP) (NEW)
  • bug 454120 Problems Compiling SECURITY module for WinMobile (CVS or HG Authoratative?) (NEW)
  • bug 454709 WinCE Resource Compiling Needs Shunt Application (FIXED)
  • bug 454712 WinCE tools need better command line parsing (FIXED)
  • bug 454715 Use backslash instead of slash for WCE_CRT path. (ALREADY TAKEN CARE OF) (Duplicate)
  • bug 454786 Configuration Changes to allow WinCE resource and assembly compiling (FIXED)
  • bug 454797 WinCE GFX Cairo No MMX Support in ARM (FIXED)
  • bug 454833 WinCE GFX Thebes Missing Exceptions Header (REVIEW?)
  • bug 455354 WinCE GFX Thebes Windows Fonts Explicit Unicode API Call (FIXED)
  • bug 455355 WinCE OGGZ file offset (no fstat in WinCE) (WONTFIX)
  • bug 455357 WinCE LibTheora Pre-defined Macro usage in local variable (FIXED)
  • bug 455372 WinCE LibVorbis No FPU Support on WinMobile (Patch Landed, Bug State NEW) (FIXED)
  • bug 455373 WinCE LCMS no compiler support for inline ASM (FIXED)
  • bug 455374 WinCE JS DLL does not need DllMain() function (Bug State NEW) (FIXED)
  • bug 455378 WinCE missing APIs and Windows Messages (plus compiler warning) - NEEDS FOLLOW-UP (FIXED)
  • bug 455381 WinCE XPCOM Explicit Unicode API Calls, Wide Char CheckVersion Function (NEW)
  • bug 455382 WinCE XPCOM Explicit Unicode API Call (NEW)
  • bug 455709 WinCE GFX Thebes Windows Fonts Missing Uniscribe Font Support (TEMP PATCH - NO CHECKIN) (NEW)
  • bug 456449 NSPRPUB Changes needed for compiling WinMobile WinCE Build (Review?)
  • bug 456452 WinCE INTPTR_T not defined in WinCE/WinMobile Build (FIXED)
  • bug 456458 JS Tracer uses file-system stat structure name - WinCE compile fails (FIXED)
  • bug 456464 WinCE NSS build needs -DLL argument for linking DLLs (Marked as DUP of Bug 454120) (Duplicate)
  • bug 456471 mozIStorageError IDL file needs ERROR undefined for WinCE / WinMobile (FIXED)
  • bug 456489 WinCE Compiler keyword interface used in mozStorageRow.cpp (FIXED )
  • bug 456579 MOZ_PSM Build config support (DUP of Bug 456683) (Duplicate)
  • bug 456625 WinMobile / WinCE has no fstat (FIXED)
  • bug 456683 Toolkit LIBXUL-CONFIG MOZ_PSM PIP Support (COMMENT 0 CONFUSED?) (Review+)
  • bug 456689 Win CE does not have GetRandomRgn() (NEW)
  • bug 456813 WinCE Shunt Needs Localization Setting (NEW)
  • bug 456817 liboggplay_audio doesn't compile on window ce (FIXED)
  • bug 457025 WinCE nsAudioStream link errors. (FIXED)
  • bug 457033 WinCE No FatalAppExit function in shunt (FIXED)
  • bug 457040 WinCE RegOpenKeyExA causes compiler error (Patch Review+)
  • bug 457047 WinCE FatalAppExit function missing in OS (Patch Review+)


  • Graphics
    • bug 450400 Moving a background image via style.backgroundPosition in a XUL stack is slow
      • Effects us having a checkerboard pattern for missing areas
    • bug 450916 Moving a canvas around in a stack is slow
      • We need this fixed so we can remove the sync repaints


  • OOM
  • Talos (done) needs to be handed off to build.
  • Mochitest (bug 454613)



  • Big Blockers for Mochitests (unlocks a large number of mochitests)
  • Lesser issues, related to plugin support:

Continuing to work toward getting mochitests to run on the device itself last week and this week. Have a Ubuntu 8.04 VM with desktop and scratchbox build environments.



  • bug 456699 Qt: add XPCOM access and JavaScript eval


  • window- vs. windowless plugins