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Fabricio Zuardi will organize the brainstorm and start the conversation, but is expected that everyone in the BOF participates/contribute.

Proposed Track



This BOF session is set to discuss different User Interfaces, User Experiences and approaches to bring or rethink great developer tools that modern browsers have, such as Firebug, Chrome Dev Tools and Firefox 10 page inspector on mobile devices that does not have a mouse.

The idea is to present some currently used patterns and interfaces as examples, gather some other use-cases and propose new ones. Let's brainstorm ways to port initiatives such as hackasaurus to the mobile world and look for new metaphors to give users more control over the pages they visit on their tablets."

Language in which the talk will be given:


Preferred Day of Talk:

April 21st

Ideal Audience Size:

4-10 people

Equipment Needs (Video projector already included):


To Be Completed by the Audience-

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  • Marcelo Araldi
  • Leonard Camacho
  • Kevin Dangoor
  • Pablo Cuadrado
  • chofmann
  • Maurício Araldi
  • Marcio Galli
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