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Mozilla’s annual festival celebrating the open web.
Data done right.

This page documents the developing progress of the MozFest program and should not be used as a primary source for information on the festival - please refer to the Mozilla Festival website as the primary and main resource for information on the festival.

Mozilla Festival 2018

Save the Date : 22nd to 28th October 2018

2018 Festival Narrative

For one week, we gather together and discuss, debate, create and hack to build a healthier Internet.

We want to do our duty as outlined in the Mozilla Manifesto: Ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. That means teaching web literacy to more people in more places. It also means asking hard questions about what an ‘inclusive Internet’ really means. We need to actively address the challenges faced by people who don't yet feel they are welcome on the Web. And we mean to do this at the festival.

Over two venues we will host workshops, exhibitions, games, and talks focused on creating, sustaining and empowering a more open and healthier Internet through connecting people from all corners of the web to connect, share and collaborate.

For 2018 the broader Mozilla foundation theme of your data and you will be underpinning MozFest this year-- we will be asking session submissions, event proposals and partners about what their personal relationship with data looks like, driving conversations about the life cycle of data, collection, storage and use, and asking what does the future of personal data and the internet as a global public resource look like a year from now? You will see this theme represented in sessions goals, on the Dialogue and Debates stage, and in design assets at the festival, such as in our TAGLINE for 2018, "Data Done Right".

MozFest House.
Because the MozFest weekend just isn’t enough.

MozFest House is a central London venue that extends MozFest into a week-long festival.

From Monday 22nd - Friday 26th October, MozFest participants are invited to dig deeper into their work, trade ideas, swap code, and build solutions.

MozFest House features films, workshops, conferences, and talks, all focusing on Internet health and showcasing the diversity of the Mozilla network. The venue also features a free co-working space.

  • Where: MozFest House is located just off Trafalgar Square at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), 8 John Adam St, London WC2N 6EZ. RSA is a contemporary venue equipped with co-working areas, meeting rooms, and a speakers forum.
  • When: MozFest House will be open Monday 22nd - Friday 26th October between 10:00 and 23:00.
  • Who: Coders, journalists, teachers, hackers — anyone and everyone working toward a healthier Internet. All ages and skill levels are welcome. Please note you must register for MozHouse events separately from the weekend festival.

Are you interested in hosting an event as part of MozFest House? Contact us at More information will be released closer to the event.

MozFest Weekend
Where Web Meets World

  • Where: MozFest weekend takes place at Ravenbourne University, 6 Penrose Way, London SE10 0EW. Ravensbourne University London (formerly Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication) is a digital media and design university, with vocational courses in fashion, television and broadcasting, interactive product design, graphic design, animation and music production for media and sound design. MozFest weekend takes over the entire 9 floors for 3 full days.
  • When: MozFest Weekend will be open Friday 26th - Sunday 28th October.

MozFest weekend is build around Spaces, which are physical and thematic learning hubs based around a broad topic. In 2018 we have 6 spaces which people can submit sessions proposals under. They are;

  • Privacy & Security - Do you want to feel more safe online? You’re not alone: privacy and security have never been more top-of-mind for everyday Internet users. Participants in this year’s Privacy & Security space will leave feeling informed, empowered, and ready to lead themselves and others to secure their personal data.
    • Space Wranglers: Jenn Beard, Teon Brooks, Mehan Jayasuriya, Mandy Rawlings, David Ross, Vojtech Sedlak

  • Openness - Openness on the web extends to many disciplines, from software and hardware to education, research, journalism, and politics. Join us to discuss, share experiences, and learn how to work open. Come with an open mind!
    • Space Wranglers: David Bild, Mariano Blejman, Dennis Ndegwa, Princiya Sequeira, Marcos Vital, Stephanie Wright, Yo Yehudi

  • Decentralisation - In this parallel dimension, people self-organise into open groups that create art, write code, and even build cities. Journey to a new world and bring back powerful, resilient technology; explore radical, paradigm-shifting ideas; and take part in cutting-edge discourse.
    • Space Wranglers: Mark Boas, Kade Morton, Natasha Pillai, Ross Schulman, Tendai Tirivanhu

  • Web Literacy - In the Web Literacy space, we'll help you understand and harness the power of today’s Internet. Whether you're a new user just starting to use the web or are a power user who's always online, you'll learn something new in this space. We'll help you understand the importance of controlling your data, and how it relates to your online experience.
    • Space Wranglers: Juma Baldeh, Geraldo Barros, Winnie Makokha, Priyanka Nag, Berhan Taye, Ryan Warsaw

  • Digital Inclusion - Here we will discover the forces — of history, of society, of technology — that keep people off the web and prevent the web from evolving. We'll witness how new, unheard voices and ideas can transform the web. Together, we'll explore, invent, and share technology, design, and activism to bring more people than ever online.
    • Space Wranglers: Daniel Lucio, Carolina Tejada, Jon Tutcher, Edoardo Viola

  • Youth Zone - Here we will discover the forces — of history, of society, of technology — that keep people off the web and prevent the web from evolving. We'll witness how new, unheard voices and ideas can transform the web. Together, we'll explore, invent, and share technology, design, and activism to bring more people than ever online.
    • Space Wranglers: Dervla O'Brien, Tina Gotschi, Emrys Green, Alan McCullagh, Andrew Mulholland, Marie-jubilee Muntunkaye, Simone Ram, Chad Sansing, Victor Sansing, Joseph Thomas

The Space Wranglers leading this key topics are from across our Network, made up of staff and partners. Without their dedication and creativity MozFest 2018 would be a very different festival so MozFest thanks them sincerely.


Experiences are artworks, exhibits, activities and interactions that bridge Spaces by weaving together many of the themes present at the festival.

This year we are proud to announce we will have a new experience as part of MozFest 2018, Queering MozFest, curated by Stéphanie Ouillon, Marnie Pasciuto-Wood, and Sarah Aoun.

Queering MozFest is and experience across the main six spaces, where we explore how Internet issues intersect with our gender and our sexuality. Drawing on a queer perspective, we will reflect on the relationships between technology and the processes of normalisation and marginalisation.

More experiences coming sooon

Road Map


  • Confirm Venue
  • Website Initial Planning


  • Save The Date email


  • Start Hotel Research
  • Initial budgeting


  • MozRetreat - Read more information about the outcomes
  • Festival program initial draft
  • First Wrangler Call
  • Space descriptions first draft


  • Open Call for Proposals
  • Speakers Shortlisted
  • Website 2018 first release


  • Build Production team
  • Start engaging suppliers
  • Review proposal submissions
  • Tickets go on sale
  • Speakers shortlisted
  • Start volunteer recruitment
  • Contracts signed for MozFest hotels


  • Close Call for Proposals
  • MozPub opens
  • Determine post festival arc


  • Travel Stipend allocation
  • Detailed agenda of MozFest week scheduled
  • Successful sessions informed
  • Asset list and Graphic designs ideas confirmed
  • Accepted sessions appear on the website
  • Night time Socials confirmed
  • MozPub


  • Festival website Live
  • Inital draft of space within venue
  • All risk assessments signed
  • Rooming list to hotels
  • Schedule live
  • Festival onsite logistics team start
  • Program team in London
  • Volunteer training night
  • Final space layout confirmed

26th - 28th October



  • Program Team Feedback Meeting
  • Space Wrangler Feedback meeting
  • Supplier Feedback
  • Feedback form and thank you emails
  • Report out
  • Sleep


MozFest would not exist without our Volunteer Heroes. If you volunteered at previous Mozilla Festivals and/or would like to get involved this year please head to our MozFest Volunteer wikipage