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Leak Testing Tracking Page

  • This Page tracks the progress and Leaks and Assertions found by QA
  • QA Contact for Leak Testing: Carsten Book (Tomcat) -

General Overview

With Trace Malloc Debug Builds, QA is able to identify leaks during manual Testing. This Leak Testplan covers only the manual Testing for leaks.

The manual testing is using Litmus Testcases, Extensions and ad-hoc Testing. Also the Debug Builds are used to Support Firefox 3 Milestone Releases like Firefox Beta 3.

Logs and Tracking Bug

  • The Tracking for the Leaks found can be found here in bug 402335

Overview about Tests

  • Trace Malloc Builds are available to build on:
    • Linux Fedora 8
    • Windows XP
    • Mac 10.4 Tiger
  • Tests consists of :
    • Extension Testing
    • Tests using Litmus Test Cases of BFT/FFT
    • Verification / Confirming older Leak Bugs
    • Ad-hoc Testing of new Features
    • Testing in preparing of new Milestone Releases like Firefox 3 Beta 3

The Debug Builds are also used to:

    • Testing of new patches or regressions if needed
    • Detection and Bug Filing of Assertions (and adding steps to reproduce to assertions)
    • Verification of Fixed Assertions

Next steps planed

  • Ongoing testing support with leak tests around extensions and manual testcases.
  • Verification of Fixed Bugs
  • Testing during Firefox 3 Beta 3 QA Testperiod with the Debug Builds for potential Problems and Leaks
  • Testing of extensions for leaks

Using Leak Debug Builds - A How-to for Extension Developers and others

Please see this page for a how-to of using leak debug builds for extension developers and others

Leak Bugs

Assertion Bugs

  • bug 402470 !!! ASSERTION: invalid active window
  • confirmed bug 400790 ASSERTION: Should not be called" with xul:listbox, xul: listitem
  • bug 402295 ###!!! ASSERTION: nsCryptoHash not thread-safe
  • bug 403216 !!! ASSERTION: Removing item we don't have: 'Not Reached' , file
  • bug 403667 ###!!! ASSERTION: URI mapped to two different specs?
  • bug 403693 ###!!! ASSERTION: nsStreamLoader not thread-safe
  • bug 411564 ###!!! ASSERTION: disconnected nodes: 'parents1.ElementAt (pos1) == parents2.ElementAt(pos2)'
  • bug 411542 ###!!! ASSERTION: Shutdown not called, triggers still alive: '!mTriggers', file c:/Debug/mozilla/xpinstall/src/ nsXPInstallManager.cpp, line 129
  • bug 411541 ###!!! ASSERTION: Default pref file not parsed successfully.
  • bug 411057 ###!!! ASSERTION: failed to get the CharsetAlias service: 'csAlias'
  • bug 409728 ###!!! ASSERTION: Should be in an update while destroying frames: 'mUpdateCount
  • bug 408600 ###!!! ASSERTION: Have parent context and shouldn't: ' Error'
  • bug 407547 ###!!! ASSERTION: no user stylesheets in styleset, but we have one!
  • bug 405029 ###!!! ASSERTION: Profile change cancellation