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Mozilla Open Mic is built around the principles of collaboration and participation. It brings together PR, Social and Support (SUMO) to create a total communications program powered by enablement.

Welcome to Mozilla Open Mic!

You can participate in Mozilla Open Mic to help make our strategies and activities stronger, bolder, more diverse so we can think globally and act locally. Mozilla Open Mic also allows us to amplify ongoing activities and messages with the help of Mozillians.

True to the Mozilla culture and principles, the Mozilla Open Mic team’s goal is to communicate in an open and transparent way and to mobilize employees, contributors, volunteers and subject matter experts from all over the world who tell our story and spread the love for Mozilla and our products.

Currently, you can find a collection of basic guidelines and tutorials for the different kinds of communication you might engage in. But ultimately our goal is to create frameworks and processes that enable you, amazing Mozillian, to see, hear and participate in Mozilla’s marketing communications. In other words, we want Mozilla Open Mic to be more than a program, but to become the natural way we do things around here.

To learn more, check out our new blog on Medium!

Want to get involved?

Awesome! There are a ton of ways to participate!

For those new to contributing to the team:

Take this quick quiz to see where your skills and interests best fit: Take your Quiz today!

Then check out all the different opportunities and roles we have on our Open Mic team, from Support to Social to PR.

For contributors who want to get even more involved today:
  • Check out our Communications Toolkit for resources and ideas on how you can communicate more effectively with press, users, and the public.
  • Email us at and let us know if you would like to blog about your contributions to our team!