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This page tracks information related to the Mozilla Web Universe (the collection of individual sites that together make up the Mozilla web presence).

Mapping Project

To help get a better picture of what the Web Universe looks like, we're doing an information architecture project.

2/11/2010 Brown bag Presentation

  • Slides: Web Universe
  • Contact info:
    • (
  • The big picture of
    • One of the biggest Web presences in the world, with around 660 million page views per month.
    • We have lots of Websites, but they aren't well structured.
      • Do a better job of telling people about all the cool stuff we're doing, even outside of Firefox.
  • Goals
    • take advantage of the massive traffic we have to all of our websites.
    • Improve the ways users get engaged with Mozilla and participate.
  • Steps
    • Thinking about our websites as pieces of a larger whole than a bunch of separate sites.
    • Tell our whole story effectively.
    • Group our content together so users can easily find it.
    • Connecting sites to each other more effectively (cross linking, UI elements, etc).
  • Tactics
    • Have a single Mozilla site to tell the story of why we're here as the central hub for all of our other sites.
    • Re-organize sites we have to be more audience or product specific.
    • Possibly rename to reflect its current focus on
    • Integrating Firefox specific products (Add-ons) with the product site, to create a more unified experience.
    • Unify our sites with common visual elements (shared footer or style guide).
  • Challenges and Questions
    • would this create an improper balance between the Mozilla and Firefox brands?
    • We are not a one-product company--would this approach create that impression?
    • Where do Mozilla Europe, mozilla Japan, Mozilla China fit in?
    • Should we work to unify all our sites under one domain instead of having separate ones?

Comments & Notes

  • Almost every other successful organization that depends on the web is unified under a single domain. Apple, Google, etc. What is the big benefit of having everything under one domain?
    • For Mozilla, Firefox is the more well-known brand. We have a history of trying not to use Mozilla with our other products, like Sea Monkey. The way we are and the way Firefox has evolved, Firefox has a stronger brand and is more well known. We are in a unique situation.
      • All thing being equal, fewer domains is probably the best way to go.
        • Mozilla Labs moving to instead of so that it helps differentiate that experiments come from labs and not mozilla.
  • Make a list of Reasons why we're not unified so that we dont force compression where it doesn't make sense.
  • Mozilla is a hard sell as a message. Does a lot of things that are unrelated. There may or may not be integration with a lot of our products. We have a decentralized organization.
  • Firefox was moved off of Community offset by that and expanding should help with that. The world if every different from when we made or were forced into certain decisions.
  • History shouldn't dictate the moves we make in the future. Much more intense and competitive world, so we need to look to see which organization is the most scalable.
  • We don't do a good enough job of communicating what we produce and things that use our technology (Sea Monkey, Flock). It's really hard to tell, with our current structure, what we want to emphasize the separation between Mozilla project and the corporation.
  • David Boswell
    • Give a general view of
      • preparing us to have a better platform to tell all of our stories.
      • win-win. Confusing situation when we talk about Firefox and Mozilla. Discussion about that just hosts Firefox nightly. There was tension because why shouldnt nightly also host seamonkey builds, thunderbird?
        • If we make Mozilla not mean half a dozen things and solidify what Mozilla means in context of the entire project, as opposed to just the "maker of Firefox".
      • we scare people from getting involved with mozilla because they get easily overwhelmed.
  • Main issue at Google is that Google = Search. Not trying to sell too many things at one time is very important.
  • The way we gather information about our sites is a big problem because our tracking is all over the place. All different kinds of metrics systems.
    • huge opportunity in consolidating our sites so that we can better see how our users behave with our products.
  • Idea that Firefox is created by Mozilla is surfaced by cobranding site. Mozilla brand should definitely be on Firefox site. Maybe not the first thing people see, but it should be there.
  • Easier coordination for l10n team.
  • There are opportunities for people spoof or take advantage of the renaming.
  • Mozilla europe is going to be tricky. Ownership issues amnd consolidation issues.
  • Our sites are islands. It would be great for all of them to be more coordinated, regardless of the final tactics.