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Accepted, ready for implementation.


  • Last modified: January 18, 2011
  • Authors: Josh Aas (Mozilla)
  • Contributors: Stuart Morgan (Google)


This proposal modifies the existing Cocoa NPAPI specification (NPAPI:CocoaEventModel). Under the current specification plugins receive key events during complex text composition but do not have a reliable way to know whether or not key events are intended for use in the composition. Since composition can be canceled by the user or the browser plugins cannot assume that composition is in progress until they receive an 'NPCocoaEventTextInput' event.

Specification Change

The original "Text Input" section stated:

"During complex text input the browser will continue to send regular key events. So long as the plugin still wants complex text input (which may result in a NPCocoaEventTextInput event being sent) it should continue to return kNPEventStartIME for NPCocoaEventKeyDown. If a plugin returns anything other than kNPEventStartIME for NPCocoaEventKeyDown then complex text input will be canceled."

This has been changed. See the current "Text Input" section of the Cocoa event model spec for the updated version.