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The New Mobile Experience is an initiative under Context Graph that will explore the richness of the web on mobile by making it more accessible. People are spending more time on mobile but not on the mobile web. Using context on the web to get you what you want on mobile is particularly important.

The New Mobile Experience team is pursuing further development and exploration of a location-based mobile app following a successful design sprint in San Francisco in mid-September. The team started working on an early prototype/MVP of an app, currently called Project Prox. Project Prox is an iPhone app that helps you decide what to do next, based on your current location. It’s like a travel guide with only a few pages - but those pages are always about interesting places just a few minutes away.

Unlike most travel apps, we want Project Prox to be put away as quickly as possible, and useful to everyone -- even people who hate planning. We’re bringing together data from a variety of sources on the web and combining that into a mobile-first experience optimized for quick decisionmaking….without requiring a lot of user interaction. For the especially curious, we’ve made it easy to dig into the web for more help.

Why use it? Are you selfish and lazy when traveling? Everybody is, and Project Prox is designed for you. We want Project Prox to be the difference between “I totally wasted my time” and “I had a great day” (we very nearly called it #fomo)

Key Documents

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  • Develop a repeatable process for prototyping, shipping and evaluating new mobile experiences
    • Organize and run a few short (distributed) prototype/evaluation cycles
    • Evaluate early-stage concepts, ideas and prototypes with real users through iterative testing
    • Run a GV Sprint and identify opportunities for remote participation
    • Address points of friction through regular debriefs/retrospectives
  • Understand the problem space (background research, potential competitors, etc.) and topical areas (whatever they may be)
    • Propose areas of interest in a shared document and present problems or questions that need to be solved
    • Identify potential competitors and document their goals and problems
  • Deliver one NMX MVP prototype
    • Define the goal of the MVP
    • Test and evaluate prototype with real users
    • Develop, share, and document project publicly (e.g., on GitHub, Wiki)
    • Evaluate success/failure of MVP in the wild


  • Build mobile experience that connects people to the web in a unique way
  • Create sticky mobile app(s) with high user value
  • Validating Key metrics that demonstrate repeated value
  • Learn from past experience and leverage user research and studies

Team - RACI

Product owner: Maria Popova

Engineering Manager: Susheel Daswani

Engineering: Chenxia Liu, Michael Comella, Brian Nicholson

UX Leads: Gemma Petrie, Anthony Lam

Exec Sponsor: Mark Mayo/Nick Ngyuen


IRC: #contextgraph

Slack: - please email to be added to group