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Session Title

Optimizing Release Testing

Session Leader

Tim Riley


There has been some frustration and confusion about what is tested when and why. This is a chance to get the issues on the table and explore options.


  • How we currently test milestone releases
  • Ideas about more pre-testing or releasing to the community and then completing the testing
  • Where we can get the biggest bang for the buck by automating portions of the testing
  • Focusing testing on key areas changed using exploratory testing
  • Quality metrics? This is a goal for Q4!

Interested Attendees

  • Tim Riley
  • Christopher Aillon
  • Zach Lipton
  • Axel Hecht
  • Alfred Peng
  • Adam Guthrie
  • Tracy Walker
  • Jay Patel
  • Gavin
  • Majken "Lucy" Connor
  • Steve England
  • shaver (maybe)
  • Steven Michaud
  • Peter van der Woude
  • Preed
  • robcee
  • Rob Helmer
  • Juan Becerra


  • Marcia Knous
  • Mike Connor ( from interest shown for FF2)
  • Vlad (for Gecko 1.9/FF3)
  • David Baron
  • Chris Cooper