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Market Researchers unite! Firefox OS needs your help!

The Firefox OS team has embarked on many different initiatives and campaigns to bring Firefox OS to market without always having sufficient understanding and knowledge of the reality on the ground, due to a lack of local market data. This local market data is extremely difficult to obtain, let alone, update regularly if you're not actually on the ground.

In our efforts to be much more data-driven when we think about how we market and ultimately grow Firefox OS, we are launching a global initiative to collect market data for Firefox OS, which we're calling Marketpulse. To this end, we need not only your help collecting data, but your very best detective work to have a better understanding of your local market.

Focus Markets: Brazil, Mexico, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Russia, Colombia

Benefits of Participation

  • Market Research is a complex, recognized skill - you will receive mentorship, training and education to grow you talent! (*** Qualitative Research Training coming up in May! ***)
  • Opportunity to support and influence the growth of Firefox OS in your market.
  • Opportunity to learn more about the mobile industry in general and get coaching/mentoring on how to effectively collect/analyze market data.
  • Valuable research work experience to add to your CV.
  • Opportunity to be part of a global network of volunteer market researchers and to belong to a vibrant community.
  • Opportunity to increase mobile industry landscape knowledge and understanding of trends
  • If you are interested in recognition: prizes and rewards proportional to quantity/quality of data collected (eg. badges, phones, certificates, possibility of internship at Mozilla et…).:)

Contact : Emma Irwin for more information.