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Community Development at Mozilla

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Who We Are

Our Mission

The Community Development Team develops community leaders and contributors who will invent, shape and defend the internet, and activates them to supercharge Mozilla’s products and our movement.

We do this by:

  • Designing and implementing specific participation initiatives -- in partnership with teams around Mozilla -- that adapt and advance global best-practice on participation
  • Recruiting and investing in core contributors mobilizers/leaders, and developing diverse, local and global communities that make individual contribution more impactful
  • Delivering software/systems and practices that increase the impact of participation across Mozilla

Community Development Team Principles

These are the principles that guide our actions. We chose a manifesto in order to capture the many complex elements of our participatory mission.

  1. Participation is when people can freely contribute their energies, time and ideas to support Mozilla’s mission
  2. In order to keep the web open and participatory it must be shaped by organizations, like Mozilla, who are equally open and participatory
  3. Participation is at the core of Mozilla’s history and identity and provides a key advantage for Mozilla as an organization
  4. Participation cannot exist without a culture of openness that allows contributors the opportunity to shape and build Mozilla’s programs and products at every level
  5. Participation must provide value for both Mozilla and Mozillians (participants)

What We Do

Working in the open

The team is using an agile, scrum-like process called Heartbeats (modeled from the Mozilla Foundation team) to manage our week-to-week work. This involves 3-week Heartbeats, with a number of focused projects during each Heartbeat that link to the quarter goals.

Our workflow uses GitHub + Google Docs + Etherpads. Anyone can comment, follow-along or get involved — [1]. We welcome feedback on the process and approach.

You can also follow along with what we’re doing on the Blog and by following @MozParticipate on Twitter.

A Github Milestone = Heartbeat.

Joining the Discussion!

If you'd like to get regular updates and discussions about Participation at Mozilla we have a section at Mozilla’s discourse that you can use as a mailing list as well as an online forum. In fact, once it’s set up you can respond to threads by emails and it will be publish directly into the topic.

The Team

Head of Community Infrastructure

Community Development

Participation Systems