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What is the Global Community Program

First, The What

Mozilla is fueled by a diverse community of: 80+ countries; 19+ time zones; 50+ languages. <p> Powered by such a highly diverse and distributed community, how do we stay connected and collaborate?

Then The Why

By putting a lens on the geo-distributed way our community thrives will create effective and efficient ways to communicate and work better together.

And Most Importantly, How...

Think Globally – Ignite Mozillians to infuse a global mindset into day to day activities and educate others.

What is a geo distributed organization?

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Why is Mozilla different (and what makes us so unique)

Our Goals For 2012
Build Global Relationships:

Through clear communication, with positive intentions to collaborate so that we operate efficiently and predictably as One Mozilla.

Our Roadmap - How We'll Get There

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The Foundational Four

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What Can I Start To Do Now?

During our Global Community Kick Off meeting, we created a list of easy to implement tips and tricks to aid in "walking the walk" during your day to day activities. Some of them are represented below:

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We've got more information on these tips and more, check out the links below. We'll soon be adding quick video tips to our glossary - stay tuned.

Who are our Global Community Champions

How Can You Get Involved

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