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May 18

  • Remaining bugs needed for launch?

May 11

  • We need to launch asap. What is the minimum # of things we need to do to launch?

April 6

  • We should launch this week. Thurs?

March 30

  • Single value bug
  • Regression monitoring changes status?
  • Machine agreement tests waiting on a machine with python2.5+ and access to db.

March 23

  • Switchover date discussion
  • Test name loading is slow - rdoherty
  • Message/link on current site to new server

March 16

  • Machine agreement tests, update and status

March 9

March 2

  • is up & working!
    • test name loading is slow, will profile (rdoherty)
  • IT review of architecture?
  • Machine agreement tests?
  • Archiving old data - how?

Feb 24

  • IT review of architecture?
  • Machine agreement tests?

Feb 9

  • Testing average data this week?
  • IT Review

Feb 2

  • Testing average data this week?
  • Discrete linking working
    • bug introduced
    • URL is now updated automatically, no 'Link to this graph' needed
  • Bug where graph fails to resize correctly after removing test should be fixed this week.
  • Questions for how to test & report for machine agreement

Jan 26

  • Talos <-> Graph Server working!
  • Frontend getting there
  • Migration Strategy:
    • Update both old and new graph server db's for a few weeks
  • Blog post to community?

Jan 12

Jan 5

  • Changes to API: Perfomatic:API
  • New link scheme:
    • JSON object in url?
  • Bug 471039
    • SQL Injection worries not necessary
    • however, there are other problems

Dec 15

Oct 30

  • Staging server?
  • Have fun on vacation Alice!
    • Who should we annoy work with when you are gone?

Oct 23

  • Need to have some smaller milestones for bugs
  • Date for staging server ready & Talos configured?
  • Target date for switchover?
    • Nov 20th for dev complete
    • 1st week of December switchover
    • DB cutover earlier

Oct 16

  • Q1 onward ownership of graph server

Oct 9

Sept 25

  • Scheduling 1.0
    • Create branch for dev?
    • What bugs/features should we include
  • New UI for 1.0?
  • Code freeze tonight

Sept 18

  • Code freeze 25th @ 11:59pm
  • Alice will give presentation about the data we store
  • Design/architecture meeting @ 2pm
    • Discussing db schema, code, architecture, anything
    • Not expected to finish or solidify ideas, just gather them and brainstorm

Sept 11

  • Code freeze 11:59pm
  • We *will* be dumping discrete data older than 60 days on Tues (9/16) unless there is public outcry.
  • On-site next week.
    • Thursday will be brainstorming day unless we are all not busy Tues or Weds.
    • Review our schema & code. Gather together ideas for improvement. Can be large-scale or small.

Sept 4

  • No meeting
  • Rdoherty can review patches too
  • Pushing on thursday (4th)

Aug 28

  • Got more feedback
  • Code freeze tonight @ 11:59pm PST
  • Push Tuesday
  • Any bugs that look like they can't be finished by eod, move to 0.5
  • Not all bugs are equal, I (Ryan) need to review each one to make sure people don't have more than one huge bug per sprint.
  • Laura moving off of graph server

Aug 21

  • We have a QA resource, Stephen!
  • Creating mailing list:
  • Got some feedback (barely)
  • A lot of test data here (22MB unzipped):
  • RRDtool
    • "RRDtool is the OpenSource industry standard, high performance data logging and graphing system for time series data."
    • Could this be a 'good enough' solution to deal with our large data volume?
    • Averages and compresses data over time to stop files from becoming huge.
  • We need to remove old series data, probably anything older than 60 days.

Aug 14

  • Catch Ryan up on current state of graph server
    • 100% on hg: YES!
    • stage is auto-update every 10 mins
  • Set a schedule for when to push changes to prod
  • Can we get someone to QA bugs?
    • Ryan to find someone to verify bugs
  • Moved 0.3 to 0.4
  • Schedule 0.4 deadline
  • Possible review of suggestions from BZ, dbaron and Vlad
    • Sheriffs, dolske & jonas
  • SELECT id, machine, test, test_type, date, extra_data, branch FROM dataset_info WHERE type = 'discrete' AND test_type != 'baseline' and (date >= 0)
    • Index on type
  • 0.4 milestone is still a 'get it working' milestone.
    • Linking is important
    • Displaying data is important
    • Move any trivial or unrelated bugs to 0.5

July 15

  • 0.3 updates -- run through the list, identify blockers for Wednesday
  • Hugging
  • Alice's updates
    • i've check in my pending hg patches
    • we are still missing re-write rules for old vs. new link format
    • we'll need patches to talos config files to point to the new graph server, once we are ready to do the shift
  • Other topics

July 9


July 2

  • identify blockers
  • get status updates on open bugs
  • get a handle on scheduling
    • when will we cut over cvs -> hg
    • when will we cut over to the new front-end
      • old links will break, people were upset about old graph links in bugs breaking
      • what are old link formats and how do they map to the new links
  • July 16th for 0.3 (installation, maintneance, cvs->hg)
  • On new front-end by July 25th (completely)
  • any other open issues
  • TODO
    • find QA person
    • documentation for deployment when we want consolidate on new front end
    • Hg tagging for production policies
    • re-org 0.3, 0.4

June 20

  • Bug List
  • identify first 2 milestones (3 week timelines)
  • schedule our releases into at least end of July
  • team intro, questions about projects, any other topics
    • How to get a dev environment setup. Need a wiki page, (small) db dump, etc.