Project SmartKitchen/ Experiment 7: Second Image Provider

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Status: In Progress

Leap Of Faith Assumption (LOFA) We Are Testing:

  • (I) We assume that we can identify some percentage of food via image recognition


  • We believe that if we introduce a vendor 2, it will be able to recognize 50% of the images (including packaged items) than vendor 1

Experiment Steps:

  • Give 3 internal Mozilla users (not on the team) our prototype device
  • Have them sign up for a Kik account
  • Instruct them on how to provision their wifi
  • Have them try to identify items in their kitchen with the device when they are done with their shopping
  • Collect metrics on the accuracy of the item identification

Experiment Timeline:

8/18-8/26 Add second image provider
8/18-8/26 Save images
08/26 Update trial agreements to save images
08/26 Work with legal to incent participants
8/26-9/2 Fixup the Bot to handle both services
8/19-8/26 Recruit two new participants
09/06 Give devices out to new participants and update software remotely

Experiment Details

  • coming soon


  • coming soon