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Add form autocomplete support for using email addresses from a device's address book. When in an email field, typing a person's name should display any matching email addresses from the device address book.


  • 2.0 alpha 1: 8/20

Test Strategy

Manual Tests will be added into the Fennec 2.0 testrun

Test Plan
  • Environment
    • Maemo N900
    • Android Nexus One (likely beta 1+)
  • Supported Data from device
    • Full Name
    • Email address
      • <input> field has type="email" or if id / class match a regex
    • Telephone number
      • <input> field has type="tel" or id/class match a regex
    • Changing any of the above info, and restarting fennec will update list
  • Order
    • Before typing,
      • Priority is History before Contacts data
    • During typing,
      • names/address from both buckets should be presented integrated, in order based on closeness to match of the entered characters
      • where there's a tie, history should come before contacts (same rationale as before)
  • Other
    • Test with non-ascii characters in contacts (eg. ',#)
    • Test with Upper/Lower case characters
    • Test with Unicode characters?
    • Test with non-US phone types (update, code doesnt check phone numbers, so any text in the contacts field will be displayed)
    • Q: How to handle or distinguish dupes? eg. pulling same contact data versus form data (Answer: Dupes are cleared out and history is left)
    • Q: Does Sync support syncing contacts to the cloud? (Answer: Nope, only the contacts in the local address book. On N900, the local address book itself can sync to the cloud if you connect a Google service. I assume Android can do this too.)

Related Bugs

  • Verified bug 578691 - Add contact support to form autocomplete (Maemo)
  • New bug 583242 - Add contact support to form autocomplete (Android)
  • Resolved bug 583238 - Investigate ways to pass more context to FAC.autoCompleteSearch