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These are the results from testing tinderbox build from 3/6/2012

The biggest offending bug is bug 732564: maple Get viewport handling good again. It's possible that a few bugs being fixed may cause maple to be better.

  • Blurriness (on land or changing tabs) can be an issue in terms of readability ( bug 729615)
  • Software Keyboard is not usable due to bug 732564 in Maple
  • Checkerboarding from going back and forth on applications (bug 732563).
  • Performance so far has been less than 30 fps on most websites.(bug 729082)

QA would not sign off until there are certain bugs fixed.


The worst offending bugs are:

  • bug 732564: [maple] Get viewport handling good again
  • bug 732089 : Maple: keep resolution on the document instead of the xul window
  • bug 732091 : MAPLE: Make the compositor know when it's painting a new page
  • bug 732563 : Infinite checkerboard when exiting app, then re-entering it
  • bug 733041: Zoomed-in scrolling is astonishingly checkerboardy
  • bug 731829 : [maple] Race condition can leave checkerboarding on screen after rotation
  • bug 729615: Maple: On load view of the demo site is rather blurry
  • bug 728983: Maple invalidation problems with scrollable layer and multiple divs
  • bug 733596: Maple: Back buffer (?) uninitialized before first paint (on Adreno devices)?

This shows all the blocking bugs: Other Bugs/Issues:

  • bug 732119 - MAPLE: parts of background never drawn on graph server
  • bug 727142 - MAPLE: 2.1 devices crashes on startup
  • Naoki - I ran into some crashers which are hard to reproduce. I believe they might be OOM issues though.

On the Good side:

  • Maple has fixed some issues with jankiness on panning esp in landscape.

Would you sign off on maple?

  • Aaron - Not until it meets the level of quality on par with Nightly
  • Naoki - Not until viewport and blurry bugs are fixed
  • Tony - not until that blurry bug is fixed. bug 729615
    • bug 732564 happens pretty often for me once i click on a new page. It minimizes the viewport and leaves an empty blank window
    • also, what is the expected FPS that devs are targeting before merging? 50? 60 FPS? no specific number
  • Martijn -
  • Kevin - Viewport bug 732564