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Native JSON Test Plan


Provides a native implementation of a JSON parser so that every Web application/web JS framework under the sun doesn't have to write their own.

Test Strategy

Transposing a note from Mikeal into here

Will take the biggest JS Framework test libraries (scriptaculous, prototype, dojo, jquery etc) and change their library to use the native JSON implementation rather than their own homegrown one.

Then we will run the existing JSON tests of those libraries against the new JSON implementation. It seems like this is the easiest way to get the most bang for our buck.

Todo: which libraries will we target? Let's just pick the one or two with the biggest JSON test suite and we'll leave the others as "nice to have's".

Todo: are any of the library authors/contributors interested in doing this alongside us? Can we get them to do their own library, test it, and report the results to us?

Schedule Scoping

Extreme Risk. The new patch for this has not landed yet, no reviews scheduled. Likely to get cut.