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Firefox 3.5RC2 (build2) Test Plan

Description of Release

Fx3.5rc1 is leveraging a large number of beta users to help us test in parallel to our in-house QA, through their daily browsing activities and feedback. While these updates are out and being exercised by the community, we will continue to work on our full functional tests (FFTs), and the usual battery of tests prior to an RC release.

Specific Plan for this RC2

As with beta99 and RC1, we will be running smoketests, a couple of l10n spot checks, and updates checks on the testing channels.

In addition we will make sure to verify the bugs that prompted this RC2.


In flux. However we should be able to complete the smoketests, l10n spot checks, and betatest/releasetest updates tests by the end of the day 6/17...As of 6/19 it's been released.

  • Verifications: Whimboo, tchung
  • Smoketests: juanb, tracy, marcia, ashughes[linux], tchung[win7 spotcheck], tmyoung[win2k]
  • l10n Spot Checks: juanb, aakashd, tester2
  • Updates:
    • betatest: juanb, tchung, aakashd, aaronmt
    • releasetest: juanb, tracy, bc, aakashd


Test Results

Target Bugs to Verify

  • bug 496542 - Duplicate entries in History sidebar and Library
    • Verified (thanks Henrik)
  • bug 498407 - Adding search keyword doesn't work on many sites
    • Verified (thanks Henrik)
  • bug 498722 - nsIFaviconService.getFaviconLinkForIcon error on null argument
    • Verified henrik
  • bug 498530 - Firefox crashes [@ memmove] after updating text box triggering update of AJAX based page
    • Verified tchung
  • bug 498753 - [mk] Check for updates dialog broken
    • Verified (juanb). It looks like this one got in as well.