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Feature Content Handling - Security/Privacy - Test Plan

Covered by Juan Beccera (juanb) and Carsten Book (Tomcat)


Improving of Security and Privacy Features in Firefox 3. Areas are UI and improvement in the Phishing/Malware Protection


  • Identify existing test cases, manual and automated
  • Identify those bugs used for tracking the development of existing and new features
  • Create tests for those areas where no tests exist
  • Get lists of tests on the wiki
  • Ask for test review
  • Add list of tests to Litmus

Scope of planned testing

  • Cleanup of old (2.0 Branch)
  • Cover of new Features (see below)
  • Testing for Regressions in Firefox 3 with 2.0 Testcases
  • Monitoring of new filed Bugs to cover regression with tests

Platform and Configurations

  • ALL OS (Mac, Linux, Windows, Windows Vista)
  • Testing with new Profiles
  • Testing with old Profiles and a lot of History

Major Test Areas

  • Litmus
    • Review old 2.0 Testcases
    • Covering new Features with Testcases (see Bugs for new Feature/Change Information)
      • bug 377076 (Enhance Security tab in Page Info) - New Testcases for Page Info Fixed
      • bug 327181 (https-error-pages) – Use http-style UI for https URLs with invalid certificates - Testcases for: Simplify dialogs around certificate errors
      • bug 337392 Simplify the UI around presenting certificates
      • bug 337344 Redesign location microbar and change default for dom.disable_window_open_feature.location to true Testcases for : Chromeless popup windows should have some forced chrome (Anti - Phishing) Fixed
      • bug 380932 Handle malware URIs with error page Fixed
      • bug 384941 let malware checking block page loads Fixed
      • bug 387524 add a "Get me out of here!" button to the malware error page
      • bug 387524 ship with fewer security warnings showing by default Fixed
      • bug 397841 Need UI for Anti-Malware Settings
      • bug 395314 Larry UI: click to close
      • bug 378668 View cookies button in page info' s security tab should pre-filter the cookies dialog
      • bug 397841 Need UI for Anti-Malware Settings Fixed
    • Monitoring of new filed Bugs to cover regressions
  • Testing of "Larry"


  • First Test Drafts for GP 1.9 Beta 1 on Litmus - to test the new features

Test Cases added

  • Test4627 : Page Info - Security
  • Test4626 Permission UI -Install Extensions or Themes
  • Test4625 Permission UI - Images
  • Test4689 Malware Blocking Page
  • Test4691 to cover Bug 341472
  • Test4716 Covers new malware Setting UI
  • Test3960 Changed for new SSL Error Page instead of Domain Mismatch Error.