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Firefox 3 Alpha 6 Test Results

Contact Info

Build: Jon Duinn (joduinn)
QA: Tony (tchung)


Code Freeze
Wed, 6/26 @ midnight
Code Build
Thurs, 6/27 @ morning to Fri, 6/28 9am Fri, 6/28 @ morning to Monday, 7/2 9am
QA test signoff
Fri, 6/28 @ 9am-5pm Monday, 7/2 9am-5pm

Release Notes

Alpha 6 Release Notes


Features landed

  • Updated SQLite engine to version 3.3.17
  • Improved cookie performance
  • Support for site-specific preferences - text size
  • A new Quit dialog box that resolves termination errors
  • Added permanent 'Restart Firefox' button to Add-Ons Manager
  • Miscellaneous fixes to download manager including correctly displaying large file sizes
  • Various Places fixes
  • Miscellaneous Gecko 1.9 bug fixes


  1. Run Smoketests. Results will be logged at:
  2. Run individual tests for Focused Testing section landed in this release. If none, skip this step.
  3. Run standard spotchecks against builds.
  • Areas Not Covered:
    • BFTs
    • FFTs

Tests are ran against en-US locale only.

Test Results

Types of Tests Win XP Win Vista Mac Linux
Smoketest PASS (ashughes) PASS (Tomcat) RC2 PASS (tracy, PPC Mac)(marcia, Intel Mac) PASS (Tomcat) RC1

PASS (Tomcat) RC2

Notes from results:

Blocker Bugs for A6