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  • Anthony, Aaron, Adrian, Matt, Henrik

Last weeks action Items

  • [DONE] Once Matt is back we will have to schedule meetings to finalize our team goals and personal goals


Mozmill (Henrik)
  • Release of Mozmill 1.4.2 has been shifted by another week (08/06)
Test creation / shared modules (Henrik)
  • L10n support for Mozmill tests will land today on trunk
  • Geo has started to workout a proposal for the shared module reorganization
Broken Tests
  • Firefox 4.0 (Geo)
  • 3 fixed tests and one race condition in a test case file
  • Firefox 3.5/3.6 (Anthony)
    • Lack of progress due to:
      • Release testing (2 chemspills + 4.0b2)
      • Focus on making tests local
    • Latest Brasstacks results indicate we are down to 14 failures
Update Tests (Henrik)
  • When bug 576939 gets approved we need to backport our code from trunk too
MozMill Crowd extension (Henrik)
  • no update
Add-ons Testing (Henrik)
  • no update
(Release) Testing (Henrik)
  • no update
Result / Dashboard (Henrik)
  • Close to finish the patch for Mozmill to send the correct meta data in reports
  • Investigation of Django and CouchApp
  • Which system we want to use? See bug 562828

Risky Goals


  • Last two weeks
    • A couple of Mozmill patches to fix open issues and make scripting easier.
    • Patch for Mozmill to send the correct meta data beside the test results
    • Investigation of Django and CouchApp
  • Next two weeks
    • Updating automation scripts to allow a different repository for tests
    • Update the SoftwareAPI to support backports from Trunk
    • Create specs for the web dashboard
    • Getting list of necessary Mozmill tests for the new Add-ons Manager
  • Last two weeks
    • 2 chemspill releases, 4.0b2 release
    • 9 patch reviews
    • Identified tests and new test-data for making tests local
    • Lowest hanging fruit near check-in (11 new test pages)
    • Personal Mozmill goals drafted (pending finalized approval)
  • Next two weeks
    • Get lowest hanging fruit tests converted to local:
      • 29 tests can use existing test-data (including 11 new pages)
      • 13 tests need to remain remote (ie. cert/connection error handling)
      • 11 more technical
    • Get commit access to
      • Bug filed and work is already in progress

  • Last two weeks
  • Next two weeks
  • Last two weeks:
  • Next two weeks:
  • Last two weeks:
    • Continuing work on broken test failures
    • Transition of tests to make use of local content
    • Addons Manager/GrafxBot testing
  • Next two weeks:
    • Continuing with the above
  • Last two weeks:
    • verified the Unicode JSBridge patch
    • finalized updating the existing tests to work with localized builds
    • started prototyping the DOMWalker
  • Next two weeks:
    • work on the DOMWalker

Contributor Status

  • Name


  • bug 582356 Product/Component for Mozmill test related work on Bugzilla
    • Proposed description: Please file bugs here for adding new or fixing existing Mozmill tests and shared modules.
  • Separated Couchdb databases for release testing and crowd testing
    • Mozmill results from the crowd extension should be separated
    • Results from release testing should be available forever
    • Reports from crowd testing we will probably archive or delete after >1 month
  • Still hangs of Mozmill during test-runs on several machines (bug 571630)

Action Items

  • [DONE] Henrik: Ask Clint, if there are plans for another beta release => Yes, by end of this week
  • [DONE] Henrik: Make sure that we differentiate between builds <3.6.9 and >=3.6.9 (Tracking on bug 567258)
  • Henrik: Update index page of the couchapp to make sure no lags exist
  • [DONE] Henrik: Make sure that the Bugzilla component gets created
  • Geo, Al: Feedback for Django vs. CouchApp
  • Geo, Al: Feedback for database separation (release vs. crowd)