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How to Participate

  • To join using Vidyo, please join the Anthony Hughes room
  • To join using telephone, call +1 (800) 707-2533, enter 369 as the pin and 99007 as the extension
  • To join using IRC, connect to the server and /join the #qa channel


Previous action items

Review the status of action items from the last meeting

Open Discussion

Please add anything you want to discuss

Project Deliverables

Review the progress of the current quarter's deliverables

  • Bangladesh Testday [ikram]
  • Argentina Testday [gaby2300] -
    • Timing - this Friday 8pm-11pm in Spain (4pm-7pm Argentina), 7pm-9pm in Argentina
    • Florin will take care of the QMO post
    • Anthony to see if he can solicit Juan to help (and any other Spanish employees)
    • Yunito to see if nukeador can help out
    • Event will focus on using safe mode, profiles, and Moztrap testing
  • UK Testday [satdav]
    • I have scheduled one for this saturday evening -
    • regarding an evening one I am willing to schedule one for the next Quarter but would be a monday or tuesday evening as thats the only week days I can do this.
    • Anthony to solicit for volunteers and make sure testday bot is running

Action Items

  • Anthony to set up etherpad for Q2 goals brainstorming - align to Marcia's work - discuss on April 7
  • Team to start thinking of Q2 objectives they want to work on