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Meeting Information


  • Aaron Train, Anthony Hughes, Gabriela Montagu

Previous Actions



  • Work with Liz on Loop testday to try out some new testday ideas


  • Start thinking of what we want to try to be impactful in Q4
    • (Aaron) I think if we get suggested tips and ideas from community managers on where to find new attendees for our events we'll be in a better position to running a successful program. I think we have a great program as is but we need to find people through better outreach. How do we reach the people and go to where the people are? If we have a general idea we should put our focus on that for the quarter and continue to experiment
    • (Aaron) Getting organizers to start running their own events and see how they run following our developed strategy
    • (Aaron) Integrating Mozilla Reps into our program for regional outreach


  • Getting better at soliciting support (pending Jennie's attendance)
  • Q4 goal (re: impact, 2015 strategy)

Q4 Goal Work Items

  • Resolve testdaybot p1 issues
  • Reducing the window of activity to a few hours - one on EU time, one on US time
  • We should use a tool like Google Invite to get an explicit list of people who will participate
  • Work with Jennie to find more effective ways to communicate about testdays
  • Have a framework for measuring different forms of outreach and use those methods across the testdays this quarter - drive harder the usage of the top outreach channels
  • Prioritize and vet our ideas on the strategy document
  • Look into running a testing meetup at the December work week


  • better understanding of why we want people to join testdays, why we want them to join the community, why should people help us? reinforce these reasons
  • explore the idea of having training days separate from testdays, and having testdays with a physical meetup aspect I did this during the Mozilla Hispano WorkWeeks in Lima and Madrid with juanb online via IRC. In Spanish and with the people actually there. Good and interesting experience.
  • align to company's 2015 goals - loop back to this at the December work week (Aaron won't be in Portland but may be able to attend remotely at the beginning of the week)