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Fennec Sync supports bi-directional syncing of passwords, tabs, bookmarks, and history. It is integrated in the options and exists on maemo and android devices.


  • 2.0 alpha 1: 7/30

Test Strategy

Most tests will be covered by manual tests located in the Fennec Sync litmus test suite.

Test Plan
  • Environment
    • Maemo N900
    • Android Nexus One, Droid
  • Sync Prefs
    • Sign In/Out
    • Updating credentials on desktop should reflect changes
    • Test character support (non-ascii, unicode)
    • Account naming
    • Connect/Disconnect
    • Last updated time stamp verification
    • Close Fennec, reopen. Should retain user data
  • Data Syncing
    • Passwords
    • Bookmarks
    • History
    • Tabs
  • Data Retrieval
    • Awesomebar search should retrieve history, bookmarks
    • Clicking a URL will launch the webpage
    • Q: Any distinguishable differences on the UI versus a locally saved bookmark?
    • Searching bookmarks should return the sync'd list
    • Subfolders supported
  • Tabs from other computers
    • Remote tabs button state, located on awesomescreen
      • Grayed out - not signed in
      • Solid - signed in
    • Tabs sync verification
    • Supports more than 1 device from sync
    • Altering data and resyncing will update data shown
    • Clicking a URL will launch the webpage
    • Sync un-supported sites (need a list, eg. Chrome://? file://? livemarks://?)
  • Other
    • Behavior with Sync addon installed
    • Updating from 1.1 sync addon -> 2.0 integrated sync

Related Bugs

  • Verified bug 571898 - port 1.4 UI for Fennec to mobile-browser
  • New bug 436069 - Unify history, bookmarks, awesomebar search and remote tabs into a single UI
  • Verified bug 571898 - port 1.4 UI for Fennec to mobile-browser
    • litmus tests added for Fennec sync
  • Resolved bug 570636 - Decide how to co-exist as a sync add-on and built-in sync