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Leadership of the Mozilla Reps program, comprised of Council members and Reps mentors, will meet for 3 days in Madrid, Spain, from August 30th to September 1st, 2013. The meeting will be comprised of presentations, breakout sessions and discussions to draft the 2013/2014 Mozilla Reps program roadmap. This will be the second time the entire program leadership meet and work together in person, the first being in Berlin in 2012.


The meeting will have a slightly different format as last year's Camp:

  • The first day will focus on getting all Council members together to do a high-level review of the program's Q3 goals and do final prep-work for the Camp sessions the following two days.
  • The second day will focus on encouraging debate and discussion around the program's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It will also be an opportunity for everyone to break up into working groups to craft action plans for ReMo Tasks Forces.
  • The third day will focus on drafting a general "ReMo Roadmap" for 2013/2014 and presenting task force action plans to all participants (including remote attendees).


See the full list of participants here.


See the full schedule of the event.


Stay informed about all the practicalities.

Key Discussion Themes

  • Mentorship - Structure

Discussions about our structure as a program and especially the mentorship inner workings, reps assessment and new mentors. Also regional focuses and collaboration with other teams.

  • Learning - Development

We are investing heavily on our human resources within Reps, by training up people and providing them with development opportunities (becoming mentors/council etc). In this section issues like, continuous training, development recognition and leadership pathways within the program will be discussed.

  • Tools - Resources

Our pride within Mozilla! For more than two years we have been building up the finest support infrastructure ever built for community building activities. We can take it even further. We will be discussing and deciding upon available resources, restructuring and enhancements on the existing tools and various other improvements we can make.

  • Leadership - Visibility

Mozilla has been growing a lot lately and we as the primary community building program in Mozilla need to step up and provide Leadership towards our community building efforts. Raising visibility for our expertise and activities will be crucial towards that. We will be discussing ways to raise our visibility and decide upon our leadership commitment on the way forward.

Discussion topics and idea (not in any order of importance)

See etherpad here.

ReMo Camp Task Forces

On Saturday and Sunday, we will be conducting a very cool (and productive) exercise where we will be breaking up into several groups and each group will be tasked to come up with a proposals for each ReMo Task Force. These action plans will aim to increase community outreach, support community marketing campaigns and recruit new contributors. More details very soon...


For those of you that unfortunately cannot join us, we will have streaming of all the sessions and the breakout workshops too. Streaming info will be announced as soon as we have the links :) Those sessions will be also recorded.


On a more general note we will be using #remo extensively so join us for any questions you have.


During the Camp it is expected to heavily tweet, take pics, post on all social networks etc :) Please use #remocamp2013 for all of those! (we will be doing mashups after the event, so bring on those pics!)

Random Ideas Box

During the Camp, we'll be coming up with A LOT of ideas. Some will be good, some will be not so good, and some will be AWESOME. We'll have a special wall where Reps will be strongly encouraged to scribble down any idea that comes up and post-it.


Our master pad:

Please use the pad to take notes and link to other pads so we can keep things clear.

Our wiki page:

ReMo Camp 2013 Recap and Next Steps: