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Petty Cash is a budget bucket that can be used for those budget requests that weren't submitted on time.

Petty cash bugs are approved once they have two positive votes from the Review Team members. It initially was an experiment introduced by the Reps Council in March 2016.


  • Request is made less than 3 weeks prior to the event.
  • The requested budget is less than 100 USD.


  • Once the bug is submitted, the bug wrangler sends it to the mentor for review
  Bug Status : NEW
  Bug Whiteboard : [petty cash]
  Set remo-review flag to ?
  • If the mentor approves, bug wrangler sets the remo-approval flag and raises 2 other need-info flags to Review Team members
  Bug Status : ASSIGNED
  Bug Whiteboard : [petty cash]
  Set remo-approval flag
  Set need-info flag to Review Team member 1
  Set need-info flag to Review Team member 2
  • Once 2 positive comments are obtained, the assigned Review Team member is responsible to approve the budget & change the flag.