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Revision History

Date v Description Author(s)
11/03/2005 0.1 Initial Draft cbeard
04/10/2006 0.2 Last release to be supported with official security/stability updates no more than six months following general available of current release cbeard
11/08/2006 0.3 Updates to reflect release of Firefox 2 cbeard

A draft of the Firefox roadmap for the releases after 3.5 is at Firefox/Roadmap.

Firefox Product Release Roadmap

The Firefox product release roadmap aims to enable innovative web experiences for consumers, accelerate the time-to-market for user-facing innovation, and improve the security and stability of our products.

The roadmap provides for:

  1. Platform releases every 12 to 15 months and product releases every 6 to 9 months with product releases between platform releases limited to new features and enhancements with minimal back-end impact, e.g. API additions to the platform but no incompatible changes.

  2. Adoption of a consumer focused support lifecycle where only the current plus the last major release at any given time would be supported with security and stability updates for up to six months following general availability of the current release. We'll work with downstream enterprise-oriented distributors and support vendors to provide a program to enable extended support for otherwise legacy releases.

  3. Scheduling security and stability updates every 6 to 8 weeks to provide a vehicle to address security and stability issues with critical security vulnerabilities addressed "out of band," unencumbered by other patches.

The Mozilla Platform and Product Release Roadmap:

(as of October 2007)

  • 2005
    • Revised Mozilla Platform and Product Release Roadmap adopted
    • November: Firefox 1.5 released, Firefox 1.0.x supported for next six months
  • 2006
  • 2007
    • April: End-of-life for Firefox 1.5.x.y
    • Early 2008 (TBD): Firefox 3 released, Firefox 2.0.x.y supported for next six months

releaseroadmapdraftv1_2.png (note: dates on roadmap graphic are not correct, see text above)

Beyond Firefox 3