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Release Management Q1 2015 Goals

<platform> denotes goals that are listed on the platform Q4 goals list

Release Management General

Release Quality - Improve automation / reduce risk of manual errors
  • [Sylvestre] Add capability to release notes backend (nucleus) to upload an image/video. bug 1117783, bug 1117786 and bug 1117790
  • [Sylvestre] Ship-it: Automatically generate partials based on current release ADI bug 1146863
  • [Sylvestre] Ship-it: Automatically generate product details bug 1083718
  • [Lukas] Nucleus: bug 1119556 add links to staging/production notes in release edit page
Release Quality - Find issues earlier
  • [all] get assignees on bugs earlier in the cycle - ideally when bug is marked as tracking (bonus if this was in the dashboard)
  • [Lawrence] Improve pre-release data quality for graphics
  • [Lawrence] Improve pre-release data quality for stability
  • [DONE] [Lawrence] Create checkIID hook to catch required UUID bumps (bug 1128518)
    • Thanks to poiru for picking this up!
  • [DONE] [Lukas] Get the nag emails running again for Desktop/Mobile/ESR bugs
  • [DONE] [Lukas] RelmanDash v0.2: Get a dashboard up in Moz Spaces with info on where we're at in the release, and visibility into what issues there are with each channel
    • Thanks to Lawrence for getting Kyle to build release dash and for Ted's what train site
    • These are now part of Corsica and up in Toronto, SF, Portland, and MV -- and anywhere else that uses Corsica 'ambient'
  • [Lawrence] Publish updated documentation about release schedule and process
  • [Lawrence] Make team wiki easier to find information for devs and relman
    • Improve documentation about how to manage a release
    • Ensure documentation for plug-in blocklist, add-on hotfix, and gfx blocklist is up-to-date
    • Create release checklists for Aurora, Beta, Release, point release, and chemspill
Release Strategy
  • [Lawrence] Create release strategy document summarizing plans for improvements to measurement, process, issue mitigation, turnaround time, and automation.
  • [Lukas/Sylvestre] Enable updates faster: starting with 35.0 and then again with 36.0 we'll enable updates on the Friday of release week and see how that goes - collect info, bring to post-mortem. Before 37.0 we should assess if this is going well making it the new normal
  • [Lawrence] Create a Firefox distribution plan
Expand contributor involvement
  • [DONE] [Lukas] put out the call for, interview, and onboard at least one new contributor
    • Welcome to flowerhack (aka Julia) who has begun to learn triage and relman general knowledge
  • [Benjamin] help promote Lukas's blog post for new contributor

Firefox Desktop/Mobile

  • Manage and coordinate active Firefox and Firefox for Android releases
    • [DONE] [Lawrence] Firefox 34
    • [DONE] [Lukas] Firefox 35
    • [Sylvestre] Firefox 36
    • [Lawrence] Firefox 37
    • [Lukas] Firefox 38
    • [Sylvestre] Firefox 39

Firefox ESR

    • [Benjamin] Release ESR Proposal to Relman and other parties
    • [Benjamin] Work with User Advocacy to produce new ESR survey
    • [Benjamin] Work with stakeholders to implement ESR Proposal if approved
    • [Benjamin] Do ESR Wiki Documentation Housekeeping
    • [DONE] [Benjamin] Get access to /lib/product-detail to update during release

Special Projects

Personal Development

  • [Lawrence] Chair Slice the Ice charity hockey game and raise $160,000 for neonatal care.
  • [DONE] [Lukas] submit a talk to OSCON "How to onboard and embed a non-coding contributor in your team"
    • Submitted talks to Open Source Bridge and AlterConf instead
  • [Sylvestre]
  • [Benjamin] Continue reading two books on Django and write first Django app