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Releases/Firefox 3.5.3

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Firefox 3.5.3 is a regular security and stability update to Firefox 3.5.x. This release is meant to get Firefox 3.0.x and 3.5.x in sync.


  • Overall lead: ss
  • Security/Dev lead: dveditz
  • Build lead: ?
  • QA lead: abillings



The following schedule is an estimate.

  • Tree opens: August 3 (or so)
  • Code freeze: August 12 11:59pm
  • QA starts: August 13
  • Builds start: August 24
  • QA with builds start: August 25
  • Beta period starts: September 2
  • Final release: September 9

Bug Queries Triage: nominations | approval requests (blockers) | approval requests (non-blockers) Status: Open blockers | needs branch patch | needs landing

More: bugs fixed