Screensharing in Firefox allows capturing screens, windows or applications (all the windows of an application) as a MediaStream, which can be shown locally, recorded, or shared over WebRTC.

To try it, goto getUserMedia tests.

Noteworthy Changes:

  • IMPORTANT: The Screensharing whitelist is no longer needed to share your screen or windows starting Firefox 52 (April). Please let us know if you find any problems!
    • Much of this work was front-end, UX/UI changes, including support to let the UI know what streams are "scary" to share (see bug 1284910). See the meta bug 1127522 for all the work that went into this.
    • Please read Jan-Ivar's blog post explaining the risks that users need to know about when sharing their screen or windows:
    • The new UI permission dialog for screensharing links to a SUMO article which is currently identical to Jan-Ivar's post, but our SUMO team will be tailoring it to a less technical user before Fx 52 goes to Beta.