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This Week

Monday, 25 June

  • "All" tabs UI and rest of the CSP directives UI changed dynamically using "innerHTML" method to change HTML contents

Tuesday, 26 June

  • Displayed website defined CSP if present and user specified CSP in the "All" tab UI for currently selected domain

Wednesday, 27 June

  • Tested Firefox version Bug: user CSP add-on is not working on FF 13.0 onwards.
    • I created WinXP VM with FF 13.0.1 and used FF 12.0 on Linux Mint to test user CSP add-on. It worked correctly.

Thursday, 28 June

  • Enforced CSP policy of "*(Every Website)" if neither website nor user specified CSP policy for domain.

Friday, 29 June

  • Manual testing of the functionality and features of user CSP add-on.