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The implementation for new SUMO search will run from October 20 to December 8

Refer [1]

The main bug: bug 405028

All bugs that are needed for SUMO search deployment will directly or indirectly block this bug.

General Strategy

  • The new search will be deployed in parallel to the old search, so it does not replace the old search but is an add-on.
  • The new search will be accessible in place of the old search by appending a var to the query string
  • During the test phase, on the new search results, there will be a message to say that this is a new search that is being tested, and link to go back to the old search

Major Targets

October 27: Search UI will be ready for review

November 3: Unoptimized search engine to be ready for testing on support-stage (security by obscurity will apply - you need to know the special url to get to it)

November 10: Search UI to be finalized. Performance testing begins on test cluster.

November 17: Search UI fully implemented. Testing of different search indexing weights begin.

November 26: Search will be pushed to production (0.7.3) but missing optimizations

December 15: Final optimized version of search will be on production

Weekly Schedule

October 20-26

  • Bug 460203 - Create initial template for new sumo search
  • Bug 460233 - Use new sumo search in the presence of specific query string var
  • Get in touch with Sphinx to resolve: Bug 460205 - Certain characters in some languages cause new sumo search indexing to fail
  • Bug 460221 - Define new sumo search indexing trigger method

October 27-November 2

  • Bug 460197 - Create deployment procedure from SVN for search
  • Bug 460219 - Ensure category and other filters for new sumo search working
  • Bug 460208 - Deploy new sumo search engine to support-stage

November 3-9

0.7.2 Freeze and push

  • Bug 460211 - Implement memcache for new sumo search
  • Bug 460216 - Set up testing of new sumo search performance on test cluster

November 10-16

UI changes are expected to happen in this week in order to make the 0.7.3 push

  • Bug 460220 - Integrate new sumo search admin
  • Bug 460230 - New sumo search performance testing

November 17-24

November 20: 0.7.3 freeze

  • Bug 460224 - Test different search indexing weights
  • Bug 460223 - Test and define search indexing cycle/procedure

Week of November 24

November 25: 0.7.3 push

  • Bug 460214 - Optimize new sumo search results caching
  • Bug 460225 - Make poll weights for new sumo search use CSAT poll info

Week of December 1

Other Refinements

Week of December 8

0.8 freeze