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  • [pchang] run GTest subset
    • ./mach gtest Layers.*
    • GTEST_FILTER='Layers*' MOZ_RUN_GTEST=1 ./mach run --debug //use debugger to debug GTest
  • [vliu] run Talos
    • run Talos with geckoProfile in local (take talos resize as example)
      • a). After Bug 1371838 was landed, you can profile WRRender by geckoProfile. To do this in Talos, please do the following before everything starts.
      • b). run ./mach buildSymbols to generate symbols into .zip file, says
      • c). run ./mach talos-test --symbolsPath /Absolute-Path-To-OBJ/dist/ --geckoProfile --cycles 1 --activeTests tresize. After this command, it generated another zip file for geckoProfile in testing/mozharness/build/blobber_upload_dir/.
      • d). unzip zip file generated in c) to get geckoProfile
    • run Talos with geckoProfile on try server. You can add |mozharness: --geckoProfile| in your try command.The belowing is a try command example for linux.
      • try: -b o -p linux64 -u none -t all[x64] mozharness: --geckoProfile --rebuild-talos 10



  • [vliu] Triage flow listed.
    • Try to reproduce
      • Add keyword 'reproducible' if you can reproduce
      • Ask reporter set layers.acceleration.disabled as true to try again(depends)
      • Enable/Disalbe ANGLE on windows
      • Compare the difference between on/off e10s.
      • Tried to change the preferences to observe.
        • If the issue relatives to painting or text, you can try to change the backend in about:config
        • nglayout.debug.paint_flashing
        • layers.draw-borders
    • Ask for about:support
      • Ask for about:memory if memory related
    • ni? people or mgr to help you
    • land needed printing message for this bug to observe more information.(this action is providing solution not doing the triage)
    • Change priority to P1-3 with reason
    • Add gfx-noted if there is nothing you can follow up
  • Ways to observe occurrence for triage bug.
    • Crash report contains Volume to count for crash rate. There is 10 times of Volume increase between each FF version.
      • Install addon bugzilla-socorro-lens can easily see crash rate in graphic view on that bug.
    • For Intermittent bug, Orange Factor counts for occurrence rate for that bug you observed.
  • A useful link to help you reading crash report.
  • refer keyword here